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Trumpeter, Sally Tepper Has Passed Away



Trumpeter Sally Tepper Dies Unexpectedly

Young trumpeter, Sally Tepper who played at the US Air Force Academy Band has sadly passed away. Sally was reported to have died yesterday September 3 2020. The cause of her death or what killed her was never disclosed to the public.

Sally Tepper who was described by her friends as a woman with a good heart worked at the US Air Force Academy Band. Her brief Biography on Facebook states that she studied at Baylor University. Sally is from Hollywood, Florida. She currently lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

A1C Sally Tepper won her position with the USAFA Band in the fall of 2017, and she currently performs with the USAF Academy Band Falconaires, the Concert Band, and the Marching Band.

Sally Tepper is a versatile musician with experience in multiple genres. During her time at Baylor University, A1C Tepper was a member of two trumpet ensembles that went on to take 1st Place in the National Trumpet Competition collegiate division in 2015 and 2018, as well as an undergraduate solo finalist in the NTC Solo Competition in 2017.

She was also a 2017 National Orchestral Institute Fellow who performed on their Grammy-nominated album, “Harbison, Ruggles & Stucky: Orchestral Works,” and was a featured flugelhorn soloist when she marched with the Boston Crusaders in 2014.


Nick Halbig wrote – There are no words to describe the agony many are bearing upon the passing of Sally Tepper. Sally was like an older sister to me. I was lucky to have met her so early on in high school and I knew right off the bat what a special and beautiful person she was.

When I applied to Baylor she was my biggest support. She went out of her way to spend time with me and my mother when I first auditioned for the school, and I truly believe had I not had someone like that for me there, the trajectory of my entire life would be different. Sally always had my back.

We both saw each other at our worst, but I can never repay the kindness she showed me in my darkest times. My heart goes out to her family, her colleagues, and everyone in her circle that realizes what a light she was.

Buddy Deshler wrote – Last summer at ITG was when I finally got to meet and hang out with Sally Tepper. After seeing her perform at NTC countless times and following her many musical accomplishments, I was quite nervous to introduce myself. Eventually, I was able to sneak in a moment when she wasn’t surrounded by her many friends to awkwardly say “Hi Sally! My name is Buddy and I’ve always wanted to meet you!”
She found the remark hilarious and ridiculous because she was one of the most humble, down to earth, and compassionate people I’ve ever met. Her playing was something to aspire to and her personality was something I feel fortunate to have experienced. Be kind, be sincere, and talk to and support those you care about. My thoughts are to her family, friends, and loved ones.

Wiff Rudd wrote – Sally Tepper was . . . I don’t even know where to begin. But she’s gone from this earth. Our hearts are so heavy and the grief is coming in increasingly heavy waves.

I’m clinging, just as some of you will, to the memories of a deep and rich journey with Sally and am grateful for the relationship she had with her Mama Rudd ( Jeanette Rudd). We often say that Sally has been one of the strongest people we’ve met and have been continually inspired by her tenacity, sincerity, artistry, and vulnerability. She freely expressed her surprise and gratitude for life’s beauty and of course, her dismay, at life’s struggles. We don’t know everything she faced, but she was a powerful force.

Many of you have cared for Sally and will always love her deeply. Many of you stood side by side with her and have your stories and memories. Some of you have just heard about her. Music may have brought all of us together, but that was just the beginning of the important stuff. I’m sending love to all of you who knew or wanted to know Sally. She was about love and care. She is a treasure, a precious gift from God.

Paul D Morton wrote – Words can not express how broken I am over the passing of Sally Tepper. She was a beautiful person and was always grateful to all that helped her to improve as a musician. She brought sunshine to any room she entered. Sally led a master class for my band students this past April and kids loved her! This video forms her 8th-grade year playing The Trumpeters Lullaby. This is one of my proudest moments as a band director. It was a pleasure to share the moment with Sally. Rest In Peace Sally! Our loss is heavens gain.

John Bryant wrote – Completely and utterly heartbroken that Sally Tepper is no longer with us. One of the brightest, sweetest, and genuinely nicest people I’ve ever met. To top it off, she was an incredible musician and trumpet player. I remember meeting her, laughing a ton, and seeing someone so young and talented yet wise beyond her years. Thanks for sharing your laughter, joy, and music with me.

Stanley Curtis wrote – I’m so sad to hear that Sally Tepper has passed away. She was a great young trumpeter with the Air Force Academy Band and a graduate of Baylor, and last January she played for me during the CMEA Conference. The AFAB also played at CSU the next month, so I got a chance to hear her play with the band. Here’s a picture I took during that concert while she was playing principal. I am really so sad.

Clark Grotberg wrote – We are so sad to hear of the loss of another BUGWB trumpeter. Sally Tepper (in the red) played at David’s memorial service at Baylor and recorded the national anthem for our robotics tournament the year he was killed. Sally has been a blessing in our lives over the past four years and will be dearly missed! Our prayers are with her friends and family.

Adam Roberti wrote – This is the last picture that I have with my friend Sally Tepper – 10 years ago, right after the 8th-grade dance as we were all excited to start high school.
Sally was one of the kindest, intelligent, talented, and genuine people I’ve ever met and I’m sure everyone in this picture would agree with that sentiment.

To this day I remember laughing and studying with Sally, and although we didn’t remain close after Driftwood, she’s someone you never forget. She excelled at whatever she put her mind to somehow she was not only a gifted musician and volleyball player but top of the class as well.

Sally made us all want to be the best versions of ourselves because she was doing such a damn good job of being herself. Sally will continue to be an inspiration to us all as we try to make the world a better place – just as she did every day.

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