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#JusticeforKagiso – Who Is Kagiso Kale Stabbed To Death By Her Boyfriend?



Justice For Kagiso Kale: Another horrible killing happening in South Africa again. A young girl identified as Kagiso Kale from Mokopane Ga-Madiba village was tragically strangled and stabbed to death at her home by her boyfriend.

Tributes continue to pour into the tragedy-stricken family in Ga-Madiba, Mokopane after their young and bubbly young girl – Kagiso Kale was found murdered.

According to reports, the young girl was found on the floor, by her mother and few members in the neighbourhood after something unusual was spotted at the gate; the Kale’s home normally locked their gate but yesterday when her mom returned home in the evening – she was met by an open gate with a key left behind and from that moment, she knew something was not right and as a result, she was afraid to go in alone and neighbours went in with the mother, only to find the lifeless body of her daughter in a pool of blood, allegedly stabbed by her boyfriend.

It is also assumed that they wrestled (Kagiso and Her Boyfriend) and the boyfriend strangled her neck with an electric cable, and stabbed her to death.

The slain Kagiso Kale was an Ebenezer High School grade 12 Leaner. Warrant Officer Chokwe has confirmed that the deceased was found with multiple wounds by her mother upon arrival from work. He further stated that the alleged perpetrator has been arrested and will be appearing before court shortly.

The picture of the alleged killer has surfaced. It was shared on twitter and people are demanding for his immediate arrest.

Blacklivesmatter twitter handle is demanding that President Cyril Ramaphosa should reinstate a death penalty on found in murdering SA women.

Women in South Africa are dying at the hands of their boyfriends in their own homes. This. Is. Outrageous! Men are trash. Men do not have the right to take the life of an innocent from this world. #JusticeforKagiso.

The president isn’t doing but stating his condolences for the families of the victims. For a man that has to much power, HE AIN’T DOIN SHIT!  How many women have to die to realise that we are not being protected.

Reinstate the death penalty Cyril Ramaphosa DO YOUR FUCKING JOB! #JusticeforNathanielJulius A young 16-year-old boy still deserves justice.

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