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Breaking News: “Pakistan Hub dam is set to collapse if not immediately repaired” – WAPDA



The Water and Energy Development Authority (WAPDA) has warned the public and relevant authorities that the Hub Dam, which is full to it’s brim because of heavy rains that will is about to collapse.

The dam has never been repaired before and was a beauty remedy, the dam may have collapsed, the abuse of a WAPDA official.

Hub Dam water meets 20% of the Cable requirements and 100% of the Hub Water requirements. WAPDA chief producer Muhammad Ehteshamul Haq said enough water was needed to meet the needs of Karachi and Hubamehlo.

The third largest water consolidation in the country is also used in production methods that generate hydraulic fluid i-18.

Last week, the water level at Hub Dam, which provides alternative drainage to Karachi and which provides for the need for quality water in Balochistan, then a distance of 339 meters worked and completed the maximum power and began to see the 13th.

The water level has risen as a result of her recent hurricane in Sindh. More water has begun to flow in the implementation of equitable sea level measurements near Mubarak Village.

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