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BREAKING NEWS: Boris Johnson appoints Dr Josef Goebbels as Head of Propaganda at the Cabinet Office



UK Prime Minsiter, Boris Johnson has now appointed Dr Josef Goebbels as Head of Propaganda at the Cabinet Office.

When he was asked for a comment, Johnson said “ I don’t agree with everything he says, but Dr Goebbels did a wonderful job for Mr Hitler over many years at the top of his government “


In 1933, Joseph Goebbels stated that “The modern structure of the German State is a high-level form of democracy in which, by virtue of the people’s authority, the state was exercised with authority when there was no interference from parliament, eradication and inefficiency of democracy. ”

It is a measure of how far the UK has fallen that Boris Johnson, the prime minister, often sounds like this.

Mr Johnson wanted to prevent “parliamentary interference” in Brexit negotiations, by holding it (or suspending it) for five important weeks. He challenged the Supreme Court’s ruling that this was illegal.

He suggested he could ignore the Benn Act which required him to seek an extension to Article 50 deadline, if he did not reach an agreement. He dismissed the law as “an act of devotion”. Worst of all, he plans to hold the next election as a “people’s war against parliament”.

How did the UK come to the point where its prime minister sees parliament as a barrier that should be ignored? The simple answer is to decide to include a highly regarded referendum on a controversial topic in Parliament’s agenda. This creates conflicting sources of legitimacy.

Worse, the definition of an election that won a small majority in that referendum is not well defined. “Brexit means Brexit” is probably the smallest sentence ever handed down by the British prime minister. But with all that could be said.