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TV Host, Tatiana Carrier Has Passed Away



Tatiana Carrier Dead – Dead: Armenian American television host, producer and entrepreneur who was most known for being the founder and CEO of TDC Media, which produced ‘Behind the Influence’ a popular podcast on iHeartRadio and a creative content and production arm, Tatiana Carrier has passed away. Tatiana Carrier was reported to have died on August 12 2020. Tatiana Carrier died of breast cancer.

Her death was confirmed by renowned writer, Dhonielle Clayton in a series of tweets via her twitter handle. Dhonielle Clayton wrote – I also found out my childhood friend Tatiana Carrier died of breast cancer (discovered while pregnant w/her first child). Rough. Very rough day.

Her Husband Colin Carrier shared a very lengthy post on Instagram about Tatiana’s death

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I thought it impossible to say goodbye, but have realized it’s not necessary, and so I won’t. I see you and hear you everywhere, Tatiana. Rest in peace.

My wife, Tatiana Carrier, passed two weeks ago on 8/12 from cancer. She never gave up. Didn’t lose faith or herself in the process. Didn’t believe in having a plan B. It isn’t who she is. I am still dealing with a million competing emotions and still weighing the idea of some sort of memorial service. For now, I wanted to share the news and a few thoughts below.

Three and a half weeks before our son Atlas’s 7/7 original due date last year, Tatiana was diagnosed with breast cancer. To not take away from the momentousness of his birth – to pretend for a moment to only be present to our new gift, and hear only the doting over new mommy and baby – she didn’t want to tell anyone about the cloud over us or tell you why Atlas was now coming 3 weeks early. Tatiana didn’t want to be robbed of the full-colour experience of becoming a mom, even if only for a few days before telling family. Her attitude was to never let this ‘small bump in the road’ get in the way of living life and doing what she loved on her own terms.

Tatiana’s wishes and strategy to not be public about her diagnosis and treatment meant that she and I could continue our pursuits of an extraordinarily vibrant life together unimpeded by other’s worries about her. She would say ‘after we beat this, we’ll tell everyone, throw a big party, and then people only really need to worry about what they are wearing to the celebration’.

I could try to tell you about the grace and strength I saw in her this last year, that I didn’t think was humanly possible– but I actually can’t fully put that into words. I could tell you how she willingly put herself through torture, the chemos/experimental drugs/radiation/surgeries/hospital stays, or the 911 calls and ambulance rides, how’s she’s an n=1 having gone through treatments no one else in the world has, and all the pain I held her hand through— but those are not the details she’d want to leave you with. I can tell you what she’d want to leave you with though.

More About Tatiana Carrier

She is also known for being host and producer for PMC and as the original host and producer of Clevver Movies YouTube channel, peaking over 50 million months views, and currently has over 1 million subscribers. She hosted the 2013 Young Hollywood Awards Red Carpet and most recently being a featured guest on shows including The Daily Share on CNN and Big Morning Buzz.

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