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Is Masoja Msiza Dead Or Alive? – Find Out Here!



Is Masoja Msiza Dead Or Alive? – Did He Die? – See Below

South African actor, poet and musician who is best known for portraying “Nkunzi Mhlongo” in the award-winning telenovela Uzalo, Masoja Msiza has become a victim of a death hoax. Today fake news websites started sharing and spreading fake news that Masoja Msiza died in a car accident. The news was massively shared on social media.

On hearing the misinformation our team reached out to Masoja Msiza to confirm the information and came out to be that Masoja Msiza is very much alive and doing.

Masoja Msiza went further to share a live video to debunk the rumours. Debunking the news, the actor said he is alright, alive and kicking. According to him, the rumour is not true. He further stated it was the work of jealous people. People saying that am dead and enviers, he said.

Watch The Video Below:-

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