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VIDEO: Antifa & BLM chase a father and his young daughter because they are Trump supporters



In a video which has gone viral by now was uploaded on Twitter revealed footage where Far-Left Antifa & BLM chased a father and his young daughter because they are Trump supporters.

The man in the video who wore a gladiator-like costume was chased along the crowded road with his daughter.

Imagine what the young girl will think of her country after this experience, Black Lives Matter protesters and Antifa have caused a major divide in the country, especially in Portland.

While the majority of members support the protests and are anti-police, some in the movement’s more radical circles are conflicted.

Some still belive that the only solution to halt their movement is to employ the police, national guard or army on the streets and start sorting these thugs out, it will continue to get worse.

Facebook groups and pages post footage of armed members in Hawaiian shirts attending the protests carrying Boogaloo flags, claiming they are there to protect the protesters from the police. Some even suggest that the demonstrations might trigger the “Boogaloo” that they’ve been waiting for.

Videos and hashtags sympathetic to the group have also appeared on TikTok in recent weeks. They are often posted by young men with firearms who call for an uprising. One video features captions such as “becoming more and more willing to die” and “cops showing at your door will be targeted first”.

Some members are capitalising on the protests to engage in acts of violence against authorities. Three Boogaloo members were charged with terrorism offences in Nevada this month for alleged attempts to “spark violence” in protests.

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