Telkom Customer Care Number South Africa – How To Contact Them!!

Many Telkom Customers are finding it hard to reach out to the support team when they face a problem. That’s the reason why we created this article to help Telkom users fin easily their customer care number. Before I proceed, I will like to explain in brief what Telkom is all about and the products they offer.

What Is Telkom?

Telkom is a semi-privatised South African wireline and wireless telecommunications provider. The company which was founded in 1991 in Johannesburg, Transvall Province, South Africa has its officers sprout out in more than 38 countries across the African continent.

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Telkom was managed by US-based SBC Communications (now AT&T Inc.) from 1997 to 2004. SBC has since sold its interest in the company, after reducing operational expenditure (reducing staff resources, etc.) and increasing revenue by increased product prices, thereby increasing the share-price for greater ROI.

Telkom Customer Care Number South Africa

Contacting Telkom customer support is simple and easy but be advised that due to the high volume of customers to be attended to you will have to wait to a long time.

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Telkom Customer Care Number South Africa Lines Below

WhatsApp Helpline – 0811601700

Customer Care Phone Number – 10213

SMS Line – 081 160 1820

Free From a Telkom Mobile Phone – 081180

Free From A Telkom Landline – 10213 or 10120

Business Sales Number – 10213 Or 10217