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Justin Waithe Death, Dead Obituary – Justin Waite Dies Unexpectedly



Justin Waithe Death –  Dead: Selling Supervisor at Barneys New York and Owner of Waithe Henry Enterprises, Justin Waithe has sadly passed away. Justin who is also a talented singer and had sung the National Anthem at some of the Boston Celtics games was reported to have died a few days ago. His cause of death or what killed was never disclosed to the public.

The University of Massachusetts Lowell was known in his community as a kind-hearted man.

His funeral jas been announced by his family, Justin Waithe will be buried on Wednesday 9th September 2020.

Friends and loved one has stormed the social media to pen down their heartfelt condolences for the deceased.

Tributes Below:-

Joy Daniels wrote – All I can say is that Justin A.L. Waithe was a bright light shining and giving us all happiness and fun when he was around. We acted a complete and total fool the last time I saw him and it was some of the most fun I’ve had in many many years. We were always fun buddies in passing but some of the people I’m close to had a deep and special connection with Justin. I called my people to make sure they’re okay and thankfully everyone is dealing with this as best as they can. RIP Justin – you made us all smile so much. Thanks for the fun. Thanks for the laughs. Thanks for being you.

Tracey Lee wrote – Why is everything about this year so incredibly heavy? My heart hurts so badly right now. Amidst a year that seems to keep hitting harder and harder, the news that this incredible man is gone has left me completely numb. Some of the best years of my life were spent in an aerobics room dancing my baby weight off with some of the most amazing humans I’ve ever been privileged to know. Among them, and at the top of that list, was Justin A.L. Waithe.

He was the human embodiment of “the life of the party.” Full of charisma & an electric, infectious presence. The kind of man with the unparalleled ability to enter a room and immediately ignite its energy. Zumba was always more exciting on the nights when Justin was there; that was an unarguable fact. He never declined a dance-off and humbly won every one of them that he was invited to. (Speaking of dance-offs- I remember him staying late after class with me on more than one occasion to teach me what a “stank face” was, and how to effectively employ it during a dance-off.

We must’ve spent 10 hours in the mirror until I finally nailed it…. he was so proud when I finally did!) He was goofy, hilarious, welcoming, playful, charismatic, passionate, kind and devastatingly handsome. The term “million-dollar smile” would’ve been a massive understatement because his big, warm, Colgate smile was worth a hundred times that at least. But as stunning as he was aesthetically, even his sensational looks paled in comparison to the big, beautiful soul that existed inside of him. Justin’s heart was as big as they come- He judged no one, loved everyone for exactly who they were, and was relentless in his quest to encourage everyone around him to love themselves & feel comfortable in their own skin. And what a priceless gift that was to anyone lucky enough to call him a friend. The way he moved on a dance floor was rhythmically flawless; it was nothing short of a privilege every time I got paired up with him for a Salsa. (And no matter how many times my left feet tripped over each other, he kept his eyes locked on mine and invited me to laugh with him through every clumsy step.) And then, to find out he could sing, too? My God- truly, the voice of an angel. I’ll forever remember his voice echoing throughout the Garden that night before the Celts game. You could’ve heard a pin drop as he nailed every note in that bow tie. We were all so proud of him that night- “our Justin from Zumba.”
I am shocked and devastated to my core by the news of his passing- someone so young, so healthy, so strong, so universally LOVED. A young man with an entire lifetime ahead of him. It’s funny how life works- Just last week he crossed my mind and a few days later, he posted something profoundly beautiful & moving on Facebook. In his memory, I’ll share those powerful words of his now-

“I am proud to live in a country that allows us to exercise our constitutional right and privilege to vote. If you find yourself in disagreement with whom I stand for it’s okay, I will continue to love and pray for you. As a Christian, African American and Gay Man my rights and lives are being threatened, compromised and challenged on a daily basis under the current administration. All I ask of you in this election is that you search your heart and do the work to understand what your candidate stands for. This is our right and I am proud to be an American.” That is the last post he would ever write.

Thank you Justin for being the bright, beautiful, articulate, brilliant light that you were in your time here. This world will forever be a bit dimmer in your absence. You were a rare & irreplaceable gem & I was so humbled to get to call you a friend in this lifetime. And the least I can do in your memory is to honour your words at the polls this November.
I most certainly will. Sending so much love to his family and friends. Especially his beautiful sister.

Michael McCrary wrote – Wow. 2020 continues to punch me in the gut. RIP Justin A.L. Waithe You had an incredible gift and I was fortunate enough to witness it during my time in Boston. The amount of death in one year. Yet along 24 hours.

Yolanda Ramseur wrote – Sheralyn, Joel, Auntie Cissy Sheralyn, and family, my thoughts and prayers are with you all. It hurts my heart to write this. Justin A.L. Waithe had the greatest belly laugh and smile, the most powerful voice and kindest soul.

I have so many childhood memories with him in it. In our Legacy Youth Group days, I remember Justin writing this song with/ accompanied by Brian Simmons.

I still find myself singing it to this day.
“In your presence, I am at peace, in your presence, I am set free. When I lift my hands to you, When I lift my hands to you I surrender all that I am and all that I have to be in your presence…Just to be in your presence, just to be in your presence, just to be in your presence. in a greater way!” You will be missed, Justin. Rest in the Peace.

Nicholas Paulo wrote – A friend of mine, Justin A.L. Waithe Has passed away and I’m so sad. He was a sweet and nice guy. I met him while I was working at Starbucks. He came into my store every day. We became friends and I last saw him a few months ago when he came to visit a co-worker at my new job. I’m in shock and saddened. RIP friend.

Ryans Scottron wrote – So I know I’ve already posted about this, but now that I’ve had a couple of days to get over the shock I want to really express the profoundness of this loss.
First of all, I cannot put into words what the Waithe family has meant to me & my family over the years. Unconditional love, support, and friendship is immeasurable. I, as I’m sure many people feel, consider the Waithe’s as part of my family. We all lost a brother!!

The best way I can describe Justin is he had such a spark about him. His energy was infectious. He could turn any gathering into a party. You couldn’t help but be upbeat when Justin was around. He had an incredible kindness and compassionate nature about him. He was extremely supportive of my family when we’re going through and coping with our mother passing, which I will never forget. Justin was also a tremendous talent.

When I would hear him sing, it just brought peace to my heart. From back in the day when he would sing in church, when my dad would always ask, “Is that little dude with the big glasses singing this week?”, to my mom’s funeral, to my wedding, his voice was a blessing that I’m glad I was fortunate enough to experience.
I hope he knew how much the Scotton family loved him and I want the Waithe’s to know how much I love and appreciate them and how deeply sorry I am for their loss.

Heaven gained another angel! REST IN PEACE JUSTIN

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