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Who is Michael Forest Reinoehl AKA 100% ANTIFA investigated over the deadly shooting of a Trump supporter in Portland


A man who calls himself “100% ANTIFA” and ready for “war” is being investigated over the deadly shooting of a Trump supporter in Portland.

According to reports, The man has been at many of the antifa/BLM riots & has a black power fist tattoo on his neck.

He is a former soldier and his real name is Michael Forest Reinoehl, 48, He is being investigated for the death of Aaron Danielson, a “supporter” of the right-wing Patriot Prayer group who was part of a Trump delegation that filled the city on Saturday, police sources told The Oregonian.

He was identified in part with a distinctive tattoo on the neck of his “dark power” fist – and a call from a different sister he knew in the video and photos of the deadly attack, the newspaper reported.

The 36-year-old sister – who Oregonian admitted not to mention – was first notified after a frightening phone call that woke her up at 8 a.m. Sunday warning that “our whole family is in danger unless we turn her away.”

“We contacted the police and confirmed that we knew Michael in the pictures,” he told the newspaper.

US President Donald Trump and Portland mayor blame each other after the deadly shooting.

The mayor of Portland, Oregon, and President Donald Trump engaged in a real-time argument Sunday as the president sent a flurry of critical tweets about Ted Wheeler as the mayor was holding a press conference about the fatal shooting of a right-wing supporter in his city the night before.

After Trump called Wheeler, a Democrat, a “fool” and blamed him for allowing violence to proliferate in the liberal city, the visibly angry mayor lashed out at the president, addressing him in the first person through the TV cameras.

“That’s classic Trump. Mr. President, how can you think that a comment like that, if you’re watching this, is in any way helpful? It’s an aggressive stance, it is not collaborative. I certainly reached out, I believe in a collaborative manner, by saying earlier that you need to do your part and I need to do my part and then we both need to be held accountable,” Wheeler said.

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