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Welsh Government advises passengers arriving at Cardiff Airport from Zante on Tuesday night to self isolate



Welsh Government in a new report has urged passengers arriving at Cardiff Airport from Zante on Tuesday night to self-isolate for 14 days following a spike in cases linked to the Greek Island. Greece is not on the quarantine list (yet). Will people be up for self-isolating voluntarily.

According to Dan Whitehead West of England Correspondent working with Skynews, revealed that the Welsh Health Minister says he has pressed for an early meeting with UK Gov and other devolved nations tomorrow – essentially to get Greece put on the list fast.

Dan says passengers arriving from Zante into Wales “will be offered a Covid-19 antigen test within 48 hours of their return and will be offered a repeat test 8 days after returning home.”

The new move came after at least 16 people tested with coronavirus after a flight from Zante to Cardiff Airport.

Mr Gething said there were currently six cases of infection estimated at more than 30 cases last week from four aircraft. Two of these planes arrived in England.

Mr Gething said: “There are concerns from our public health teams that current advice and control measures for returning travelers are inadequate.

“Unfortunately our infection control advisers have several examples of Covid-19 travelers who did not isolate themselves when they returned to Wales. That really worries us all.”

On the day 51 other cases of the virus, as well as one death, were confirmed in Wales Mr Gething announced:

all passengers on the flight from Zante / Zakynthos to Cardiff on Tuesday September 1 will be given a letter before leaving the airport asking them to separate for 14 days due to the risk of unknowingly distributing Covid-19 to others.
all passengers will be given a Covid-19 antigen test within 48 hours of return and will be given a repeat test eight days after returning home.
Greek travelers will also have to be separated from home for 14 days upon arrival in Scotland from Thursday morning, the Scottish Government said on Tuesday.

The passenger on the affected plane that landed in Cardiff last week said it was no surprise that all passengers had to separate themselves following the first seven coronavirus tests, which doubled in size.

Stephanie Whitfield, of Cardiff, said it was very clear from the moment they boarded the plane that many passengers were “not educated about wearing face masks” and said a large number of people wore beards and were allowed to walk in the corridors without stopping.

On Tuesday Wales Public Health confirmed that there was no further increase in the identified cases on the plane. All passengers on the plane were emailed with instructions for isolation.