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#Rakgadichallenge: Rakgadi Challenge on Twitter, Tweeps Reacts



South Africans have started another viral social media challenge, this time is with Rakgadi.

We can remember what happened on Sunday during Lebogang Khitsane Funeral, As Friends and family gathered on to pay tribute to tombstone maker, Lebogang Khitsane. Some drama took place during the memorial service when his sister made these shocking claims that her brother’s wife brought and fucked a man in her their matrimonial home.

The #RakgadiChallenge has gained momentum on social media as South Africans posted hilarious videos under the hashtag

Saffas have been recreating the moment Lebogang Khitsane’s sister outed his wife as an alleged cheater during his memorial service

One woman was thrown with a trash can while imitating Rakgadi during her bizarre speech

South Africans can manage to turn even the most dramatic moments into hilarious social media videos. After Lebogang Khitsane’s sister decided to reveal to the entire country that his wife had ‘brought men into their home,’ #Rakgadi started trending on social media.


Saffas then decided to make it a challenge, which in turn led to the now viral #RakgadiChallenge.

One woman in a funny video on Twitter recreated the moment and instead of getting thrown with a small object, as in the actual case, someone hurled an entire trash can at her. The video was shared on Twitter by social media user @AwodimpleA, who captioned it: “This is not a country for the faint hearted #Rakgadi #Rakgadichallenge.”



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