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David Maestro Ike White Death & Cause Of Death



The famous Ike White was sentenced to life in prison for two second-degree murders at the age of 19 in 1974.

David recorded his debut album ‘Changin’ Times’ away from the prison band. He was released from prison after a campaign backed by people like Stevie Wonder.

He disappeared and was found living under the confines of David Maestro and his wife Lana
He committed suicide for three weeks in a documentary in 2014 leaving a personal archive.

An article in BBC 4 revealed that the talented soul singer, who was sentenced to 70 years in prison, was living under a fictitious mistake for decades – after Stevie Wonder backed up his early release.

Ike White was sentenced to life in prison for two counts of murder at the age of 19, and was later found guilty by Jerry Goldstein, a former producer and friend of Jimi Hendrix, before recording his debut album ‘Changin’ Times’ in prison in 1974.

In 1978, the album received industry acclaim from Stevie Wonder’s fans, and a successful campaign to free the artist was launched – but as soon as it was released, Ike disappeared.

In 2014, documentary producer Dan Vernon followed the invisible artist, discovering that he lived under the name David Maestro, and spoke to him on the BBC Four documentary ‘The Changin’ Times of Ike White ‘.

But in the middle of making the film, Dan received the tragic news from his wife Lana that Ike had committed suicide, leaving an unbelievable archive revealing a catalog of different names, wives and children.

Commenting on the documentary, Ike said: ‘Since I was 18-32 years in prison, I made a mistake, I paid for it.

‘I never told anyone about my background after that, a few guys I knew were dead and they thought I was dead so I started my life as David Maestro. ‘

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