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Young Couple Sarah Macdermid & Casey Bussiere  Dies In A Tragic Accident



Sarah Macdermid & Casey Bussiere  Death – Accident: Sarah Macdermid and her husband, Casey Bussiere  has passed away. According to information posted online the young couple were reported to have died in a tragic accident that occurred August 3rd.

Sarah and Casey touched so many peoples lives with their community. This young couple were breaking ground on a home away from home in Tulameen. They recently welcomed the newest member of their family, puppy Bernie.

This terrible tragedy has struck resdents of Tulameen as they trooped into the social to drop their heart felt condolonces alongside with their friends, family and neighbors.

A GoFundMe account has been created by Julie Boyer in order to provide the families relief of costs related to services, time away from work, and other unforseen expenses. Feel Free To Donate Through This LINK.

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