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South African Teen Singer & Comedian, Ndlovu Has Passed Away



South African Teen Singer, Ndlovu Dies – Pokolina Ndlovu Death

South African entertainers are mourning the death of fast rising singer and comedian Ndlovu The Kid. The shocking news of the death of one of South Africa’s brightest child stars Ndlovu Was Bhayi rolled into the internet today.

Ndlovu, also known as Ndlovu WaseBhayi / Ndlovu Wayigeqeza was reported to have in the early of today from an undisclosed illness.

A family member who spoke to newsmen said the young entertainer has been battling with the strange illness for a long time, and the family hoped he would get better but unfortunately succumbed to the illness at such a tender age.

Ndlovu was a young boy from Veeplaas township in Port Elizabeth who had a medical condition that made his head shake.

The news was confirmed earlier today by his Aunt and popular musician Zakes Bantwini, which has left the country reeling on learning of the passing of the child star.

Tributes Floods Twitter

Few Things You Need To Know About Ndlovu WaseBhayi

Ndlovu came into the spotlight a couple of years ago with a video of him reciting his clan names and he was an instant hit.

He also branched into the music industry, releasing his debut album โ€œPokolinaโ€ in 2018 which had the hit song โ€œKuboโ€.

He was not just a popular individual amongst regular South Africans but he was beloved by many well-known South Africans in the entertainment industry.

He first came to the scene by wearing a school uniform which was a yellow shirt and a tie. A video of him was captured on the phone where he was reciting his clans of the surname Ndlovu. He was sounding like an old person as he eloquently uttered that nguGatsheni, boya benyathi until the guy who was holding the cellphone said well done and asked him another question. The smart boy didn’t hesitate to show him he is not interested in answering and asked for two rand.

He became an internet sensation from that day. Celebrities like Dj tira and Zodwa wabantu looked for him and started travelling with him to shows where he entertained the crowds. He became a celebrity as he was flooding social media with funny comments and dance moves when he was with theses celebrities.

Ndlovu Wasebhayi Entertaining Primary School Kids

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1 Comment

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