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#JusticeforNasiphe : Nasiphe the Convener of EFFSC in Eastern Cape almost lost her eye after she was attacked by a guy called Siseko Jack with a cooler box



Young woman, Nasiphe the Convener of EFFSC in Eastern Cape was assaulted by a guy called Siseko Jack with a cooler box, last Saturday.

According to an eyewitness, the lady got her face and eye almost broke when she went to open the case before they could assist her the Captain at the station wanted to play mediator and that she should call the guy and they talk.

Siseko Jack assaulted Nasiphe with a cool box full of Alcohol and ice in the face, She almost lost her eye.

The same attacker, Siseko is now threatening her as it is rumoured that he has friends in the police force, Strangers go around now asking people for her address saying she must be warned.


It seems obvious that men like Siseko Jack are the South African type of men that will beat their wife to death and still not go scot-free with it.

The members of the public ha urged the young lady to open an assault case against him

“If you know her or anyone related to her, please encourage her to open an assault case, and to the doctor.

Then she can videorise the whole process then post on Twitter for better publicity…”

Another  Twitter user, Black Womxn have also said the victim should employ the service of a legal practitioner because the guy has connections and he is using this to threaten her.

“She needs a lawyer because this guy has connections and is using his police friends to threaten her She doesn’t feel safe,as we suspect she’s being followed, The police must arrest this guy and not play mediator in the case, she doesn’t want an apology but justice.”

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