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Shahin Fathi – Few Things You Need To Know About Him



Shahin Fathi Biography

Who is Shahin Fathi

Meet Shahin Fathi , He is a designer and host of 20 food courts and more than 500 restaurants, fast food and coffee shops

Specializing in designing and manufacturing industrial kitchen and interior decoration of food court, restaurant, fast food and coffee shop complexes, with experience in designing and manufacturing the best-selling and most reputable food brands in Iran and the world.

Engineer Arash Fathi is the CEO of Fathi & Associates Architecture Group, Master of Civil Engineering and has a Master’s degree in Project Management and Control from Tehran University of Science and Research. After completing industrial kitchen design training courses in the United Arab Emirates. “Americana Company” (a subsidiary of Yum Company) KFC, Hardee’s, Pizza Hut, TGI Fridays,… was able to benefit from high skills in designing and executing industrial kitchens with world-class techniques, and these trainings after design experience and Building more than 500 restaurants, food courts, fast food and coffee shops has become a specialty.

Shahin Fathi is the Chairman of the Board of Fathi Architecture Group et al., An architect and interior designer, a graduate of the Faculty of Art and Architecture of Sooreh University of Tehran. The designer and executor of architectural projects started with his brother, Fathi brothers in the whole process of designing and executing projects from initial sketches, to preparing executive plans, calculating prices and meters, and then supervising the implementation of the project in the construction workshop, company management And this trend continued until 1392,

Arash and Shahin Fathi in 1392 registered a new company with the new name of Niaresh architectural form with the focus on specialized design and implementation of industrial cuisine and restaurant interior architecture and continued their professional activities. This engineering group succeeded in designing and 20 food courts and more than 500 restaurants, fast food and coffee shops have been built.

Arash and Shahin Fathi , as the architects who have designed the largest number of restaurants in the world, after successful designs in Iran for brands such as KFC, Superstar, Perprok, Albek, BBQ Chicken, Cheater Chicken, Murano and … started its cooperation with Yam International food company and today specializes in decoration design with international standards for big brands such as:

KFC, Hardee’s, Pizza Hut, TGI Fridays, Chicken Tikka, Grand Café, Costa Café, Olive Garden, Krispy Kreme, Maestro, Baskin Robbins, Red Lobster, Fish Market, Longhorn Steak House, Fusion Asian Foods and Samadi. Are .

Fathi Architects has been with consultants and major brands of restaurant chains in the design and construction of food complexes as a consultant and contractor in all stages of the project “from feasibility to opening”.

The activities of Fathi Architecture Group include the following:

1- Advice for feasibility of food court, restaurant and food collections.

2- Design and layout of industrial kitchen with the latest international standards (two-dimensional and three-dimensional design).

3- Interior decoration design and architectural space of the project.

4- Calculation and design of MEP plans (mechanical and electrical installations of industrial kitchens).

5- Estimating project operating costs and preparation

BOQ. 6- Preparation of materials and full implementation of the project.

7- Purchasing machines and equipping industrial kitchens.

8- Inviting reputable food brands.

9- Setting up and operating food courts and restaurants.

10- Training staff for different food menus of restaurants, fast food, coffee shops.

One of the important points in designing food complexes is observing hygienic points in designing and building restaurants to obtain health permits and the possibility of frequent washing of the environment, as well as observing safety principles in designing and implementing electrical and mechanical systems such as earth system and life protection in the panel. Electricity, standard height of sockets and gas pipes are suitable for any device and passageways of the facility, these are important points that non-observance of which may lead to disaster.

The general idea in designing and constructing the projects of Fathi Architecture Group is the theory of modern functionalism in such a way that everything is in line with the best performance of the collection “which is the best customer service and the highest sales” and so on. The reason for design always starts from the industrial kitchen, which is the beating heart of the complex.

In different spaces, according to different food concepts, it has been tried to use architectural styles appropriate to them “modern, classical, postmodern, neo-modern, etc.”, in addition to the use of durable materials that can be used. Washing is one of the key points of Niarash designers.

Artists and modern architects of the architectural form, relying on the knowledge of color psychology , boldly choose the colors they want and put them together to create a special and unique architectural space by creating balanced compositions and using light and light shades. To.

All the efforts of the managers of Fathi Architecture Group are that your acquaintance and visit to this company is one of your best experiences.

“Arash and Shahin Fathi Architecture Group, a specialized centre for consulting, designing and manufacturing food courts, restaurants, fast food, coffee shops”

Managing Director: Engineer Arash Fathi ”

“Chairman of the Board: Engineer Shahin Fathi”


Fathi Architects

Arash & Shahin Fath

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1 Comment

  1. Fathi Architects

    September 9, 2020 at 5:39 pm

    Shahin Fathi Is an Architect and Interior designer and also he is Founder of Shahin Fathi Architects, Designer of 20 Food courts & over 500 Restaurants, Fast food & Cafés .
    His Instagram is :
    and his websites are :

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