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Punjab bodybuilder Satnam Khattra has been confirmed dead



Punjab bodybuilder Satnam Khattra has been pronounced dead.

Satnam Khattra is a bodybuilder from the Punjab. He is 31 years old and was born on February 23, 1989.

He had a huge following on Instagram with 400,000 followers. They all love the way Satnam Khattra keeps her body fit and enjoy the fitness videos.

Satnam Khattra was taking exercise classes online during the closing period and was planning to open his own gym as soon as the epidemic got better.

Santnam was pronounced dead at the scene after a heart attack. He became ill a few days ago. His sudden death has shocked the factory. The man was preparing to inject the type of body products and was waiting for COVID19 to settle down. News of his death was shared with his coach Rohish Khera.

But unfortunately, Satnam Khattra passed away and his followers paid tribute to his death on the Website and on social media. Satnam Khattra was also seen in Spanish song videos and was highly regarded for her work.

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