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Norma Allbritton Death – How A leon County Cold Case Led To The Arrest Of A Mother Who Killed Her Daughter, Pam Allbritton In 1981



Back in 1981, Pam Allbritton died after being shot at. It happened inside a house in the city  Highway 75 south of Buffalo. The death of a 13-year-old girl was sentenced to suicide at the time, but the case was reopened.

“I saw Pam the night before her death,” Judy Robinson said. She is Pam’s sister and Norma Allbritton’s first colleague.

“She was very happy because her coach, she was a basketball team bookkeeper and they had just returned from Centuryville from a basketball game. And she was so happy because the coach told her to bring her workout clothes, that she was going to start working with the basketball team,” said Robinson.

She doubts that her death was an accident.

Earlier that month Pam’s mother, Norma Allbritton, 84, was arrested for the murder of her husband Johnnie Allbritton Who died on May 14, 1984, the man was found dead from five gunshots in the same home as Pam.

“Through this investigation, the suicide of her daughter has raised suspicion and we’re going to investigate that also,” said Sheriff Kevin Ellis of Leon County.

Ellis would not disclose yet what new evidence has come to light in the death of Pam. He also wasn’t ready to share their investigation methods for the cold case.

“There are many things that can hamper you, you know when you’re dealing with those cold cases,” said Donnie Manry, who is a local private investigator and former Bryan Police Officer.

While Manry isn’t familiar with the details of this case, he shared his thoughts about what investigators are up against.

“You know with the passage of time some things get better, some things get worse. With the passage of time, you lose witnesses, difficulty finding witnesses. Their memory is not what it was 30 years ago,” he said.

“Referencing your cold case as a suicide that can present some different issues. A lot of times when cases are ruled suicides a lot of times those cases are closed out. That evidence may not be kept,” said Manry.

Robinson claims Norma’s elderly looks are deceiving.

“She was the meanest person on earth I will say that. I have never, ever come across anybody that was evil as that woman was and my life like I said she raised me and she was a mean woman,” she said.

Normal posted $50,000 on July 3 from the Leon County Jail after being arrested and indicted for her husband’s murder. She lives in Palestine now.

Manry tells us statistically speaking having a woman commit suicide with a long gun is very rare but still happens.

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