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Black Bloc Militants topples the statue of Canada’s first prime minister, John Macdonald, in Montreal (Video)



Organized black bloc militants have toppled the statue of Canada’s first prime minister, John Macdonald, in Montreal. They used umbrellas & sheets to shield their criminal comrades. The statue’s head broke off as it crashed to the ground.

The viral video which was uploaded on the social media has the protesters spraying the anarchist “A” symbol on the beheaded statue.

This looks to be the work of antifa militants if it wasn’t obvious enough.

Similarly, Toronto police last month prosecuted three people for misconduct following a series of paintings during a Black Lives Matter protest.

Three protesters were charged with disorderly conduct on Saturday after Black Lives Matter fans threw paint at several photos, including Canada’s first principal, Sir John A. Macdonald, demanding money from police for a refund.

The protesters, who were visiting the Ontario legislature from Ryerson University, where a portrait of public education activist Egerton Ryerson was similarly damaged, were then transferred to a police cell on suspicion of racism and demanded the release of those arrested.

A few hundred officials working outside the city 52 kept an eye on the beggars as they walked up and down the aisle, ate in the shops, or shouted “Black Lives Matter here!” in the blazing sun.

Toronto police suspect a man and two women tarnished the image at a Ryerson facility before moving on to another at Queen’s Park. They said police found two of the suspects in the country, covered in paint.

They said police seized holes in the paint, spray paint, street march, scissors and ropes from the country.

A 35-year-old man, a 47-year-old woman and a 35-year-old woman have all been charged with three counts of embezzlement of less than $ 5,000 and conspiracy to commit felony criminal mischief.

Using a bright pink megaphone, Rodney Diverlus, the group’s founder in Toronto, said people came out to show off the art show. He said the aim was to make a point about racism and police violence.


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