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Eldorado park police station attacked by residents in Gauteng following an alleged shooting of a 16-year-old


There is reports of an ongoing riots at the Eldorado Park in Gauteng.

Traffic has been halted as rioters have taken over the whole area throwing stones and blocking the road with lots of barricades.

The protest is believed to have started following the death of a 16-year-old who was allegedly shot by the police.

From the video residents  have already taken over  the roads and can be seen throwing stones at police, although the nature of the incident have not been revealed and also the identities of the  police men who shot the teenager have not been made public, investigation is still going on as to ascertain what led to the shooting.

Efforts to restore order and order appeared futile on Thursday, as disagreements were rife. The victim of the shooting is believed to have Down Syndrome, and according to a source downstairs, he was critically injured after leaving his home to look for food.

As long as the police can find out the true nature of this tragic incident, we will bring you details. But the residents of Eldorado Park see it all right now, and want the law on their terms. Unconfirmed reports say a journalist in the region has also been attacked, and police have returned calls for motorists to refrain from driving in this part of Johannesburg at all costs.


Updates From The Scene

At this stage, damage has been caused to the Eldorado Park police station building while two #SAPS officers and one Joburg MPD officer have been injured. Four suspects have been arrested for public violence

More details later..

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