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Two dead in Kenosha riots as Wisconsin’s Democrat governor rejects Trump’s offer of support


Another shooting in Kenosha leaves two persons dead following a violent riots as Wisconsin’s Democrat governor rejects Trump’s offer of support.

The violence follows a report by a Democrat that the state refuses to accept Trump’s administrative support for funding to end the violence.

The shooting of Jacob Blake on Sunday in Kenosha, who was videotaped on video, has caused riots and looting in the city. Protests have since spread to several cities three months after George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis.

After two nights of violence, local authorities in Kenosha issued a statement to the White House and the governor to tighten their numbers to prevent violence for the third night in a row. Gov. Tony Evers (D) has denied any support from the White House to strengthen police presence.

“I received a call today from a conference representing the region, and Senator Johnson, who was also asking for help, said the local administrator and the mayor and police chief needed extra help,” said White House chief Mark Meadows. said Tuesday. “I got on the phone right away and got help with some kind of extra help from the National Guard.”

Kenosha police have told the White House they need to eat at least 750 National Guard to increase their numbers to prevent violence from escalating following a two-night robbery. Fox News reported on Tuesday that Kenosha County leaders had also asked for support.

“The President was speaking to the government today … we have the National Guard standing, and if the head of the National Guard [in Kenosha] needs more help, we are ready to do so but today, that request was rejected by the governor,” Meadows added.

IGov. Evers reportedly sent only 250 Guardsmen, up from 150 on Monday night. White House Communications Adviser Ben Williamson said the White House had called the Govs. Evers that they have provided assistance to an additional 500 guards to meet their needs, but Gov. Evers refused.

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