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Is Jorge Garay Dead, Death? Is He Missing, Did He Die, Found (Jeyjeygardi) – What Happened Between Jorge Garay & Benji Krol?



Is Jorge Garay Dead, Death? Is He Missing, Did He Die, Found – What Happened Between Jorge Garay & Benji Krol

First of all Jorge Garay AKA Jeyjeygardi  did not die neither was he missing. The only problem is that Jorger Garay and Jeyjeygardi may have split and they we were accused of sexual assault.

The TikTok star Benji Krol who said he recently tried to commit suicide after he was accused by a fan alongside his boyfriend, Jorge Garay that both of them attempted to groom one of their fans.

Benji recently debunked the rumours and subsequently tendered apology on Twitter, saying his delayed response was attributed to his recent stay in the hospital.

He said he was in the hospital and recovering and trying to piece everything together. I’m not trying to gain sympathy points from telling you this, I’m just giving the real explanation you all deserve for being so late to responding.

Read Benji Krol Apology Below:-

I know a lot of you have been waiting to hear something and are very confused and that a lot of you don’t understand why it’s taken so long. The reason it’s taken so long is because i tried to kill myself, i was in the hospital and i have been recovering and trying to gain sympathy points from telling you this, i’m just giving the real explanation you all deserve for being late responding. The reason for me trying was due to a lot of thins building and not directly because of this, it’s not the first time.

From what you have heard about what we have done, I know for a fact part of it is true. The facetime. Before it happened i told Jorge it was wrong and was very uncomfortable with it, I also asked the other person if they were okay with it, Which i know was a mistake as it wasn’t their place to decide. I know it was extremely wrong and in a way am i trying to excuse anything because it should have never occurred either way and i apologized to the affected person after it happened and have felt horribly about it ever since. I just felt so pressured by Jorge into doing it. However i still take full responsibility for my own actions. I don’t even know the full story because Jorge know everything else, but i have no way of finding the rest out. I woke up in the hospital alone and not knowing he left me and i assume he went back to his home which is hours away. He has only briefly spoken to me and has no intention of seeing me anytime soon.

I don’t really understand everything that’s going on but i know that any other allegations involving me are completely false. i have never done anything like this before and will never do anything like this again. I’m not sure why anyone would want to make things up in a situation like this, I don’t want to invalidate what the affected person has said, I am just telling you what i know is true. There is also a lot of other people trying to take advantage of the situation and anything coming from anyone else is also completely false.

I know some of you may be confused by me denying everything at first and thats because there was a huge amount of untruth being spread and i was very confused.

I wish i could speak to Jorge about this all but i have just been left in the dust. I love him so much and really do care about him, I just don’t think it’s best for us to continue being together. I hope he can get the help he need and maybe in the future i will be able to figure everything out with him and that he can make his own statement. I would also have made a video explaining everything but physically can not so this is why i have written it. I will make sure to improve myself and not let myself feel the need to do anything that would make me feel uncomfortable just to make someone happy ever again.

I’m extremely sorry to the victim and hope they are doing okay. I Know none of this should have ever happened and that there nothing i can do to fix it but work on bettering myself and piecing everything together. And i hope everyone can respect their privacy.

I will be taking a break from social media to recuperate mentally and get some help. I’m extremely sorry to anyone affected by this whole situation and i hope you know that i appreciate and love all of you. I’m not asking for forgiveness i’m just trying to tell you all everything i know. And if anyone sending hate or harmful messages to my friends could stop i would really appreciate it, none of them are deserving it.

Who Is Jorge Garay AKA Jeyjeygardi?

Jorge Garay is a video creator on TikTok who has earned over 4.2 million fans on his jeyjeygardi account. He is often seen in close-up, making facial expressions that are choreographed to the music of his selection. He posts comedy videos as well.

He reached the 100,000 fan milestone on TikTok in January of 2019. He has over 1.1 million followers on his jeyjeygardi Instagram account.

His full name is Jorge Juan Garay Dicenta. He is from Spain. His younger brother Lou Lou Gardi is also a TikToker. He dated fellow TikTok star Benji Krol in 2020. He has featured his younger sister in his TikTok videos.

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