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Asylum seeker, Mercy Baguma found dead next to the “starving baby” after she lost her job


An asylum seeker was found dead next to her starving baby earlier this month, shortly after losing her job.

The body of Mercy Baguma, originally from Uganda and in her thirties, was discovered by police in an apartment in Govan, Glasgow on 22 August.

He told friends that he lived in extreme poverty and is said to have lost his job after his “limited residence permit” expired and he could not work.

Her one-year-old was found crying next to her dead body four days after friends last heard from her.

The child is now being looked after by his father, who is considered an asylum seeker.

A week ago, on August 11, Baguma was in contact with the true Housing Position Action, to seek help and it would be seen as a priority for support.

He is said to have relied on the generosity of friends and the gift of life to live on in the weeks leading up to his death.

No cause of death has been established.

Robina Qureshi, director of Positive Action on Housing, said: “Nceba contacted our charity on August 11 and said he did not receive any funding. He had applied for MigrantHelp.

If he had survived he would have been the main source of income for the Emergency Fund as hundreds of others have been left by the security system.

“The question remains, why are mothers and infants left to starve in this city, why are they left to unions and volunteers to take the pieces?

Would this mother have survived had she not been forced to lose her job by this fraudulent scheme that would keep you from working and paying for a piece of paper that said your vacation would always be over?

I’m sure Mercy’s son will want to ask these and other questions if he’s old enough.

“People are depressed – and the system seems to be designed to break the spirits.

“It is a matter of – not the – the next catastrophe that has arisen and this strengthens our conclusions on public research.

“We want a public investigation and Mercy’s murder to be investigated alongside Adnan Walid Elbi and the Park Inn tragedy.

“We call on the Church of Scotland and the community at large to support our call for independence.”

His death is the third tragedy that has affected the refugee community in Glasgow in the past four months.

Syrian runner Adnan Walid Elbi, 30, was found dead in his room at the McLays Guest House in Renfrew Street on May 6.

So on June 26, one man was shot dead after killing six people including a policeman at the Park Inn hotel.

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