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“Is Time To Educate Kid From Ages Of 7 About Homosexuality” – Comedian Lasizwe Suggests On Twitter



South Afrian comedian and television personality has taken his Twitter handle to suggets that parens should start educting their childeren about sexuality.

The television host said this on Monday through his social media page saying he  believes there is  need for parents  to start educating their kids from the ages of 7 about homosexuality and make them understand about same sex love.

In his words: “Why are we refusing to teach our children about homosexuality and same sex love? I feel like it’s important for kids to understand that It’s okay for dad, uncle or brother to date or even marry the same gender without being judged or crucified for being themselves!”

Lasizwe became a local internet celebrity by uploading videos of himself interpreting how South Africans act on social media

Read Tweeps reaction Below…

Statistically men are few already, but here are some gays motivating young boys to follow their route

Lasizwe should understand one thing not all of us are Gays or want the world to have more Gays. Let them be gay, and allow us and our families to live our not gay lives. Netflix has turned into a gay market place, same with content on TV even channels like YoTV that’s enough.


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