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Breaking News: Juma mosque along Grey Street currently on fire (Video & Pictures)



Durban‘s iconic Grey Street mosque is on fire. Emergency teams are at the scene trying to extinguish the blaze.

There can be seen a violent outburst of fire and flames on the top roof of the building with many passersby taking footage of the fire outbreak within the Mosque and it’s surrounding.

Juma mosque is a mosque located in Durban, Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa. Also known as the Grey Street Mosque, it represents a spiritual center for Durban’s Muslims.

The initial cause of fire-outbreak at the Juma mosque has been reported as a gas stove explosion in an apartment close to the building. today marked the opening of the midday prayers. The main Mosque area remains unaffected.

Grey Street Mosque, represents a spiritual center for Durban’s Muslims and also it is the central largest mosque in the Southern Hemisphere.

In August 1881, a site was bought by Aboobaker Amod Jhaveri and Hajee Mohamed in Grey Street (now known as Dr. Yusuf Dadoo Street) from K. Munsamy for £115 for the construction of a mosque. A tiny brick and mortar structure which stood on the site was converted into the mosque.

In February 1884 Aboobaker’s estate bought land next to the mosque to enable its further expansion. In 1889 Hajee Mahomed Dada, in his capacity as the only surviving trustee of the mosque purchased more adjoining land due to the swift rise in the number of worshipers. The first of the two minarets on the mosque was constructed in 1904.

At the same time, two shops were built alongside the mosque providing an income for its maintenance. A second minaret was added to the mosque in 1905 and several rooms, toilets and shower facilities were also added at the rear of the mosque for travelers to use. Rooms were also built for the Mu‘adh-dhin.


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