Home Obituary Radiohead rock band losses one of their own promoter Carol Baxter

Radiohead rock band losses one of their own promoter Carol Baxter


Radiohead rock band losses one of their long time music promoter Carol Baxter.

Carol Baxter died in 2019 according to her  brother who revealed this said “My sister  Carol Baxter  sadly passed away last year”,  while revealing    some of the radiohead song collections during an interview.

Carol Baxter has been  promoting  radiohead band group for a long time. She is from EMI’s international office, They where the department responsible for ensuring that EMI’s overseas branches release and promote British signings. “I know nothing about instruments or drum riffs, or what have you, but this funny little band came on and they obviously had something.

In one of her interview she revealed that she got tired of the ‘priority acts’ of the ’80s  considered leaving the job. She said – “I sat there thinking, I’m not going to leave: I want Radiohead on my roster! I bumped into Colin and Thom in the corridor after their performance and I thought they were junkies. Bloody druggies sitting there in the corridor looking so pale. I asked Thom if he was all right. He said he was. So I asked if they wanted a drink and all they wanted was a glass of Coca-Cola. I bought that for them and we got talking, and I found out they were from Abingdon which is where I’m from”. Baxter began introducing the world to the charms of Radiohead.

Who Are The Radiohead Rock Band

Radiohead began at Abingdon School, a boys’ school outside Oxford. Abingdon has a history dating back to the twelfth century, but it is not an élite bastion on the order of Eton or Winchester. Its students tend to come from the Thames Valley region, rather than from all over England, and many rely on scholarships. The members of Radiohead were born into ordinary middle-class families

The band as in 90s remained a magnet for misfits everywhere, but their outsider status is only a part of their appeal. What fans seem to like, even more than the content of the songs, is the sense that the band members have labored over every aspect of the product. They are skilled, first of all, at inventing the kinds of riddles that teen-agers enjoy unravelling. The records, the videos, the official Web site, even the T-shirts all cry out for interpretation. Why are words spelled funny? What are all these charts and diagrams? What about the grinning bears and crying Minotaurs? “We liked worrying over that kind of thing when we were kids, and we’re still in the same mind-set a lot of the time,” Selway said. “But it’s a bit incidental.

Their songs where usually written in three stages. First, Yorke comes up with a rough sketch; then Jonny, who studied classical composition in school, fleshes out the harmony; finally, the others digest it for a while, working out their parts on their own. It can be months, even years, before a song comes together in a way that satisfies all of them.

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