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Alewia Tola Roba Identfied As The Woman Who Berated Trap Tea Shop In Aurora, Colo. For Not Being “Black-owned”


A strong, black Muslim woman went inside the new Trap Tea business in Aurora, Colo. on Friday and confronted the staff. A black customer tries to defend the business & is called a racial slur by her.

“You’re thieves! Asian people stealing black culture once again.” she was heard saying.

The strong black Muslim woman in the video who berated an Asian boba store in Aurora, Colo. for not being “black-owned” is 23-year-old Alewia Tola Roba, from Denver. She appears to have graduated this year from university & is extremely proud of being Ethiopian

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  1. I do hope Alewia Tola Roba is able to find a decent employer while she is still in the Denver area. It would be a shame if her talents were wasted…I mean she did graduate from a college this year and knows a lot of stuff, I bet. And she is obviously very happy to share that stuff she learned in college to the real world. Don’t let her waste those talents, let’s find a job for her somewhere…anywhere and get her an offer. The sooner the better…anywhere.


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