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Ditzyflama Drama: Did Ditzy Flama Commit Suicide?, Is He Dead – Things You Need To Know



A young man identified as Dityzy Flama  started trending on twitter yesterday  after he dropped a suicide note on the social microblog. In the suicide note Ditzy Flama told his parent that he has failed them. The note sparked outrage on twitter as many started calling for someone to help him out.  Thankfully DitzyFlama was found by the police and has been taken to the hospital.

DitzyFlame said that his option for suicide was that he finds it annoying when lots of people criticize his videos for being unfunny.

Read His Suicide Note Below:-

Sorry Mama and Papa, I have failed you. I am sorry for being a disappointment and a failure. I hope my brother can take care the both of you while I’m away. He’s a better replacement than me, but he’s in the military so I hope he has time. Thank you for raising me this life.

DitzyFlame wrote:The problem to push you all away. i really am suffering from a mental illness, but i didn’t want to accept it as it would hurt the societal expectations i had from others, But you can’t really satisfy everyone, instead i disappointed you all.
Am really a failure, put on this Earth to be made fun as a spectacle, which explains the commonalities between me and the clowns others picture me as. But i know the internet won’t let me down after i die.

I hope to see some funny memes based off this stupid ass Asian floating alongside the LMAO.

I believe this world is better off without me , as amade the world slow because of myself. You are all going to find somebody in your life you can look up to find somebody in your life you can look up to and aspire from. Take this a lesson that the internet can reallfuck up your dreams, your health and your relationships. I was so blinded that i didn’t realize that social media was activly destroying my life. It was like I was slowly killing myself, and it ended up to this moment, But I guess it’s decided by fate.
However, you all taught me a very important quality. You all made my life

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