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Seattle Fire Outbreak: Building on Sturgus Ave S near Sturgus Park Currently on fire



There is a report of a massive fire outbreak  with  huge flames in Seattle a building on Sturgus Ave S near Sturgus Park – Live on scene right now.

Emergency agents and fire service department where seen surrounding the building hopefully they will help curtail the emergent outcome of the fire.

The building has been identified as the 1000 block of Sturgus Avenue South which is off I-90 near Rainier Avenue South. Flames can be seen shooting from the 3-story building.

Seattle fire said when crews arrived, they found a building that was well-involved in flames

Smoke can be seen rising from the building via Department of Transportation cameras.

Firefighters said an adjacent building also caught fire. That building has been evacuated.

Similar incident of fire outbeak has happened around West Seattle Bridge, and crews needed to use a fireboat to put out the large blaze

The fire took Firefighters nearly two hours Friday night to extinguish a large blaze in a marina under the West Seattle Bridge.

They responded on land and in a fireboat around 9:30 p.m. to the incident near the 1300 block of Southwest Spokane Street, according to the Seattle Fire Department.

More details Later!!!



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