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Friends Mourn Death Of Fitness Coach, Brolic Bennett



Fitness Coach, Brolic Bennett is dead. Certified fitness coach, Brolic Bennett has passed away. Brolic Bennett was reported to have died yesterday August 20 2020. His cause of death or what led to his sudden demise is not yet known as at the time of filing this reports.

Friends and well wishers of Brolic Bennett have trooped into the social media to pen down their heart felt condolences to the deceased.

Bobby Walters Wrote

Don’t post much, but this guy deserves a shout out. I just learned the passing of my fitness coach/friend Brolic Bennett. He has one of those infectious personalities. He can push your mind and body to limits you could never imagine. I would have never become Mr St Tammany w/o this guy. All the while, teaching you life lessons along the way, not even knowing it. His famous saying is, “I got you!”. And he held true to that statement. Anytime of day, he would be right there willing to talk. Even when I keep asking for more almond butter in my meal plan. Winning shows was cool, making a great friend and learning you can do anything when put mind to it is priceless. Thanks for the memories and all you did for me and others. RIP bro.

Kailee Nichole Sefinger Wrote

I don’t know why this keeps happening. i cant understand why God takes so much good from this world, i just spoke with you last week. “absolutely! hope all is well!” will forever be my last words to you. sure, it was a meaningless conversation about a squat rack – but my last words? i dont regret them, i always hope everything was well with you. there’s no doubt you knew how special you were and how many lives you reached and changed. you left a huge footprint on this earth, and your legacy will live on through all of the people you touched, and the ones that loved you beyond measure. i only wish i took all those opportunities to tell you this myself.

RIP Brolic Bennett – thank you for all the laughs, and life advice over the years. i will forever miss admiring your beautiful soul from afar, & creeping your fb post to admire your beautiful wife and family, all while laughing at all your hilarious posts with my friends.
i am seriously in disbelief right now.

Regina Marie Wrote

I’m literally hella heartbroken. He had the biggest heart & I would never have expected he’d be gone so soon! Brolic Bennett was so motivating, encouraging, supportive, caring and a really good friend! I know he’s left his mark on many and I’m blessed to have known him.. it’s always the good ones RIP. He was also the best personal trainer out there & he taught me a lot, all the Brolic beauties are gonna miss you so much dawg.

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