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Farm Shooting in Mooiplaats, Boschkop, Gauteng, leaves 1 male victim dead through glass door



There has been a report of a Farm murder in Mooiplaats, Boschkop, Gauteng. 1 male victim shot and killed through glass door.

The incident which happened around  12:20, in Randfontein, at a Sonskyn dairy, in the Gauteng saw  three attackers armed with AK47 raided the farm shot and wounded an elderly woman. The elderly couple’s son shot one attacker dead.

According to the report, at least 2 suspects who where involved in the attacks one suspect broke door open and took 2 phones then fled. Female victim and 2 children not physically harmed.


Similarly, a typical Joburg murder in July 2020 was sparked by an argument and ended with a person being shot dead.

Over the last year a typical murder in Joburg was sparked by an argument with the weapon of choice being a firearm. There was also a good chance that the victim knew their killer.

SA’s 2019/20 police crime statistics provided a snapshot of a murder in Gauteng and it revealed that bullets are still accounting for most killings – at least one in three – and that the murder rate continues on its nine-year upward trajectory.

Between April 2019 and March 2020, 4 555 people were murdered in Gauteng, an increase of 60 over the previous year.

Back in 2011/2012 Gauteng had 2 995 murders. The rest of the country didn’t fare any better; there were 21 325 murders. This was a 1,4% increase from 2018/2019.


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