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Professional Triathlete, Nina Kraft Has Passed Away



Nina Kraft Death – Dead: German professional triathlete from Braunschweig who was banned by the German Triathlon Federation (DTU) for one year, after a positive drug test, Nina Kraft has passed away. The former pro triathlete from Germany died on 17 August 2020 from from an undisclosed illness. She died at the age of 51.

After two spots on the podium of Ironman Hawaii she won 2004 but was caught doping with EPO in post-race testing. She was banned for one year effectively from DTU, was able to manage a come back in 2005.

Kraft worked as a drafter until 1998, when she became a full-time professional athlete. In addition to being a pro triathlete Kraft is also an artist. On her website she states that she “uses art to help her switch off and relax.

Nina Kraft was a competitive swimmer in her youth and first appeared in the long distance triathlon in 1998, when she finished Ironman Europe, in Roth, in sixth place. With that, she qualified for Ironman Hawaii for the first time and came in 50th place.

Kraft celebrated her first Ironman victory in 2001 in South Africa. In the same year, she also won at Roth and was third in Hawaii. After a second and third place in the following years, she was the first to cross the finish line in 2004, but a few days later she was convicted of doping and disqualified for using EPO. Nina Kraft immediately made a full confession and was banned from Ironman for two years.

In 2006, Nina Kraft returned and won the XL Triathlon in Gerardmer, France. This was followed by victories at Ironman Brazil and at his adopted home in Florida, as well as three triumphs at Ironman Louisville, before ending his professional career in 2014.

Nina Kraft was recently isolated in Florida. As was reported by those around her, she suffered from depression.

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