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Monica Geuze – Few Things You Need To Know


Monica Geuze Profile

Real Name: Monica Geuze
Age: 25 yrs
Birth Place: Dutch, Germany
Birth Day: March 27, 1995
Profession: Vlogger

Who Is Monica Geuze

Meet one of the Youtube star Monica Geuze. Her real name is Monica Rosanne Irene Quirine Geuze born on March 27, 1995, She is a Dutch vlogger , author and former DJ.

Monica Geuze is one of the most popular Dutch vloggers of the moment. When she was asked by Ronnie Flex to become his regular DJ at the age of sixteen, her life gained momentum. She now shares her life on Youtube and Instagram almost every day. From performances as a DJ to dinners with friends, her more than 300,000 subscribers see it all. She also makes videos about life style and fashion. Monica is known for being extremely honest and straightforward. This also applies to her relationship with Lil’Kleine, with whom she was together for four years.


Prior to her success, Monica for a long time did not know which direction she wanted to take with her life. She now does a lot of things that she enjoys. In her book, Monica tell the readers that it is okay if you sometimes do not know which way you want to go with your life.

Geuze grew up in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht and attended the Theaterhavo in Rotterdam . After that she followed education at the Develstein College in Zwijndrecht, the Shipping and Transport College in Rotterdam and adult education in Amsterdam .

She co-starred in a music video by the band Racoon , Happy Family (2005). In this she had the role of a daughter in a quarreling couple. At the age of sixteen, rapper Ronnie Flex asked her to become his regular disc jockey. After doing this for him for three years, she also started spinning for herself in 2015. Her debut single Let go (2015), with various guest artists including Flex, reached the Single Top 100 and the top of the Orange Top 30 . Now or never (2016), with Ruben Annink and Jonna Fraserrose even higher on the charts. The video clip of Let go has been viewed more than seventeen million times.

She nevertheless achieves her successes mainly on YouTube, where she is one of the most popular Dutch vlogsters. She makes vlogs about her daily life, among other things. [5] In January 2018, her YouTube channel had more than 400,000 subscribers. [6] Geuze was also one of the presenters of RTL ‘s YouTube channel called Concentrate from September 2015 to May 2017 . In 2019 she returned here as a presenter. [7] Geuze published her own book, My way , in May 2017 , in which she talks about her life as a vlogger. [8] In 2017 Geuze was one of the participants of the first season of the RTL 4 seriesCrown witness . She was also seen in the programs A good set of brains , I know a lot and Van der Vorst sees stars .

In 2019 Geuze could be seen as the presenter of an exclusive season of Love Island on Videoland.

Private Life

Geuze has had an on-again, off-again relationship with Jorik Scholten, better known by his stage name Lil ‘Kleine . At the end of 2016, Geuze announced through her vlog that the two had ended their relationship.

Geuze then got into a relationship with football player Lars Veldwijk . Geuze gave birth to a daughter on 12 July 2018. Veldwijk already had a son from a previous relationship. On November 15, 2019, the couple announced that they are separated.

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