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#JusticeForKwasa Floods the social media, 19 year-old kwasa lugalo Wits University student stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend (Picture)



#JusticeForKwasa Floods the social media & Who Is kwasa lugalo & What Happened To her……

Just waked up this morning to find out that #JusticeForKwasa was trending and it happens that the young girl actully died ordinarly because her jilted former boyfriend felt terrible after she left him.

Her real name is Uxolo Kwasa popularly known as Zozo, she is a victim of murder.

Uxolo Kwasa was a 19 year old girl, a  first year student at Wits University from Dutywa, She was stabbed 3 times to death by her former boyfriend Kuba Engafuni Ulahlwa.

More shocking revelation gathered was that the  19 years old Uxolo was stabbed to death by her bitter  ex-boyfriend because he did not want to be abandoned and she’s been reporting this to the police and the guys parents they did nothing until he  killed her.

Lutho on Twitter who shared this was  lamenting over her death and said she knew Uxolo since grade 8/2014,

“#JusticeForKwasa I’ve know you since grade 8/2014 and to hear that you passed away breaks my heart, thank you for being there for me and making me laugh when I needed to. You made me feel okay for being me, I hate that I wasn’t the when you needed me most. Uxolo Kwasa, RIP Zozo”


According Ane Mniki who is also a friend of the victim revealed that the young man who stabbed her to death deliberately stabbed her because of the fear that she will dump him, he couldn’t accept that it was finally over between them.

“He said, “I’m killing myself cause you’re dumping me, but I’m also going to kill you because if I don’t you’ll be with someone else,” wth is wrong with MEN!”

There is also rumor that the 19-year-old boyfriend took his own life after committing the wicked act, 19 years is way too young for all this. What’s wrong with kids today ?

Wit University has officially release a statement over the death of their student Kwasa Lugalo


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Who Is Uxolo Kwasa, Biography, Who Is Uxolo Kwasa & What Happened To her

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