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Jane Bautista Murder – few things you need to know



Son, Jason Bautista was convicted on February 4 of first-degree murder following the slaying of Jane Bautista his mother who was 41,
the late Jane Bautista who was killed on Jan. 14,2003 by her son Jason Bautista who was later sentenced to 25 years.

Bautista first missed his bus to court, then attempted to fire hiscourt-appointed attorney.

Separately, a juror filed an affidavit saying she had changedher mind about her decision to convict for first-degree murder. Shesaid the circumstances of the mother-son relationship, when theycame to light, pointed toward a manslaughter charge, notmurder.

Orange County Superior Court Judge Frank Fasel flatly rejectedboth Bautista’s motion and the juror’s change of heart.
“The jury got it right: first-degree murder. There is no(provision to allow for juror) remorse,” said Fasel, according toKCAL9.

Bautista then chose to address the court.

“I’m very sorry for all my actions, your honor, but it wasn’t afirst-degree murder in my opinion,” Bautista told the judge,according to the television station.

The judge asked back, “Is that it?” and hearing that it was,sentenced the defendant to 25 years to life in prison.

Prosecutors said Bautista, a graduate of Paloma Valley HighSchool in Menifee, cut off his mother’s head and hands to keepinvestigators from identifying her. The body was found dumped inthe mountains off Ortega Highway.

The killing occurred in Riverside, but Orange County prosecutorstook over the case because the body was found in Orange County.

Bautista, according to prosecutors, got the idea to cut off hismother’s head and hands from an episode of HBO’s gritty mob drama”The Sopranos.”

The Riverside resident admitted killing his mother, but claimedit was an act of “accidental self-defense” after she put him in a”life-threatening situation” by coming at him with a knife.

Bautista’s thumbprint, however, was found on his mother’sthroat, and her face was badly beaten, KCAL reported.

Bautista, a one-time biochemistry student at Cal State SanBernardino, testified that after his mother was dead, he cut offher head and hands to hide her identity.

The head and hands were later found in a duffel bag in thefamily’s Riverside home.

Bautista testified that his mother became abusive as herparanoia and mental illness got worse.

Assistant Public Defender Don Ronaldson told jurors that theabuse Bautista endured included beatings, taunts, threats with aknife and beatings with sticks and clubs, one of which resulted ina visit to an emergency room.

The mother’s paranoia left the family homeless at times, as shebelieved neighbors turned against her, he said.

About three months before her death, the mother had beenrelatively OK, but then got worse, and the young man could nolonger tolerate it, Ronaldson said.

Prosecutors argued that her erratic behavior cramped her son’slifestyle, and that he wanted to get rid of her.

Bautista’s half-brother, Matthew Montejo, who was 15 years oldwhen his mother was slain, testified for the prosecution, saying hedid not help kill his mother, but helped dispose of her body.

He pleaded guilty to being an accessory to murder and wassentenced to the 749 days he had already been in jail, and thenfreed.

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