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Dr K.M Cherian Wife, Mrs Selina Is Dead



Selina Cherian Death – Dead: Mrs. Selina Cherian, wife of the most famous heart surgeon of India, Dr K M. Cherian died in Chennai a few days ago due to Covid-19.

Her son released a message for the public to read about her mom’s death and further stated the virus is not a hype but really real.

Read Below:-

Thank u all for your kind words & prayers during this difficult time. My mom died of covid, despite not stepping out of home for over 4 months now she got it from an asymptomatic driver who brought all the groceries for the house.

Pls take care, this virus is real it is not a media hype you read about people falling sick & succumbing to it, you read about it as statistics with a false sense of security , thinking that u r immune to it you will realise it only when the virus enters your own home.

Please take care of your family especially your elderly parents you may have the immunity to fight this virus they may not Cherish your time with yor family , especially yor parents tell them ” thank u ” & ” sorry ” before it is too late.

Don’t take anything or anyone for granted Stay safe, take care, Thank u all for everything, God bless all.

Who Is Dr K.M Cherian

Dr K.M Cherian an Indian heart surgeon. He performed India’s first coronary artery bypass surgery and is considered a pioneer of pediatric cardiac surgery in the country. He is also a former honorary surgeon to the President of India and a Padma Shri awardee.

He attended Kasturba Medical College, Manipal. He performed India’s first coronary artery bypass surgery in 1975. He is the founder of Frontier Lifeline Hospital, where he performed India’s second heart transplant surgery in 1995.

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