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Qody Mentor Milenia



Qody Mentor Milenia Profile

Real Name: Rossaidi Abdul
Age: 24 yrs
Birth Place: Tuba Island, Langkawi, Malaysia
Birth Day: ———
Profession: Singer


Who Is Qody Rani

Real name is Rossaidi Abdul but popularly known as Qody Rani, Qody came to public notice when participated in the reality singing event, Big Stage 2020.

Test of a neurological disease known as Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) last year, a new talent, Qody Rani, 24, admitted that it had crossed his mind to give in.

Difficult to lift his eyes apart from numbness from head to toe, the singer of the reality show, Mentor Milenia, gathers all the strength to hunt for dreams even though he realizes the path is very winding.

“If followed, after first getting sick early last year, I used to feel like giving in.

“I still remember, when I was sick, I could not even sing. The voice became nasal when speaking. At some point, the voice automatically came out of the nose, not the mouth. My senses also disappeared.

“However, I slowly recovered and started to burn my spirit to continue my ambition to become a singer,” he said.

Qody or his real name, Rossaidi Abdul Rani admitted before this, he thought being an artist was not difficult.

“I used to think it was easy to be an artist … Just think about glamor. In fact, I had to struggle … It seemed easy,” he said.

Qody Rani was born in Tuba Island, Langkawi, during an exclusive media interview Qody admitted that the era of the rise of social media, anyone can create a name and become an artist.

“But the fact is, to keep the name is something to think about.

“Similarly, the ticket to the title of champion or runner-up in any competition is not a guarantee that we can ‘fly’ high.

“In the end, we have to face the reality of the art world as well as the question of livelihood,” he said at a photography session with BH Plus at Balai Berita, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, recently.

Reflecting on the traces of his career, the young man’s initial steps were not convincing enough. The first single titled Biar Aku created by Edry Abdul Halim, which was promoted two years ago, is less prominent.

Few Things You Need To Know About Qody Rani

Qody Mentor was a former footballer player who once lined up the Kedah Uner-19 Football Squad for two years in 2012.

He once participated in the Big Stage audition for the first season, but did not qualify.

Qody has once rumored to have had a love affair with TV3 lawyer, Anim Ezati Rizki.

He is married to Nurul Atiqah.

He joined the Millenium Mentor for wanting to change the fate of the family.
His vocal are said to have the iras of Black singer Hanifah who is also her mentor at Mentor Milenia.

Qody’s father died on March 1 2020, four days before his marriage too place due to lung cancer which he suffered for 10 years.

Before he came to limelight, Qody did so many various jobs to earn a living, including trading in coconut shakes, reparing air conditioning and becoming a street musician.

Qody’s style of song is majorly on rock and he was once a member of a music group formed since 2012 in Langkawi lined up by seven musicians by risking songs with a divine concept but failed to forge a name because the radio did not play their songs.

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