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Kyle Orr, killer of Jessica Landor in a Cape Coral apartment has commit suicide while on a life in prison


The man behind the death of 30-year-old girl Jessica Landor has finally commit suicide in the Lee County Jail.

The news of his death came as shock to many, Lee County deputies revealed that the 32-year-old Kyle Orr was awaiting transfer to the Department of Corrections. They confirmed this was an apparent suicide.

He was recently sentenced in July after he pled no contest in March for killing 30-year-old Jessica Landor in a Cape Coral apartment in June 2019.

Cape Coral police officers responded to the apartment complex on June 16, 2019 after receiving a 911 in which a woman was heard screaming, the State Attorney’s Office confirmed. Landor had been stabbed 16 times and died minutes after Cape Coral police arrived.

Landor met Orr on a dating app and had been dating him for a short time before ending the relationship, according to the State Attorney’s Office.

He was adjudicated guilty and sentenced for one count of second degree murder.

Lee County deputies said the investigation on Orr’s death remains active.

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