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Basia Putri – Few Things You Need To Know About Her



Basia Putri Profile

Real Name: Basia Putri Chaerul
Age: 21 yrs
Birth Place: Jakarta, Indonesia
Profession: Football Player
Family: ————


Who Is Basia Putri 

The name Basia Putri Chaerul may still be quite common in the ears of football lovers. But for Persija Jakarta supporters, this 21-year-old beautiful virgin has become a prima donna.

The player who plays a winger at Persija Putri has a unique story that led him to enter the world of football. In fact he had injuries that traumatized him.

Yes, Basia Putri, this woman who has loved soccer since grade 2 elementary school has a unique story during her career. The Jakarta-born player was not supported by his parents when he made up his mind to go into football.

“I liked playing football when I was in grade 2 elementary school, then in junior high, high school and college I started playing futsal. Now after the Student League (futsal) event some time ago, I was called by a coach for trial in DKI (joining the PON DKI Jakarta soccer team) After that, I started playing football again, “said Basia Putri when met by reporters at Maguwharjo Stadium, Sleman a few days ago.

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“Yes, the dream is yes (to become a professional soccer player), hopefully it can be achieved in the future,” he added.

Asked about the support of those closest to her dream, Basia Putri admitted that she was not supported. The reason is when women play soccer, the risks are greater and make their parents worry.

“Previously, my father and mother were not very supportive. Because it was a girl, there was a big risk. Previously I played only at school and campus, now I said to my father, I got a trial opportunity in DKI Jakarta. At first he didn’t believe it, I wasn’t sure. But I keep going in there, “he recalls.

“Already doing the trial they thought, oh my son can this. Finally now, it’s not too forbidding. So when I played soccer, I was given (given permission),” said Basia.

Being a female soccer player, Basia Putri is inseparable from being a tomboy . However, it did not become an obstacle for him to continue his career.

“That assumption is what usually happens. So I assume it’s like that. But when I play football I keep my skin. Use face and hand sunblock after training or face washing competitions. There is no special treatment that I do,” he said. .

Basia also did not deny the risk of processing the round skin. This is because the woman who had joined SSB Liverpool had a scar around her left temple that traumatized her while fighting for the ball.

“There was a bit of trauma when I had to head a ball, so I was scared. When I was from elementary school to junior high school I played with boys. Back then we were playing plastic balls. Then we headed, so I kicked my temple in the face until it finally tore. “I wanted to be taken to the hospital. But I refused because I didn’t dare to have it sewn up. So I let this scar become,” said Basia Putri.

“While playing futsal, he also injured his ankle (ankle) when he was still in junior high school. Thankfully, there is no serious injury in football. Mostly the muscles are pulled, not to the extent that they are severe,” he explained.

Speaking of targets, Basia Putri chose to focus on the Women’s League 1 for now. In the Kemayoran Tiger uniform, Basia hopes that the team he defends will win in its first season of the related competition.

Separately, John Arwandhi’s squad successfully topped the 2019 League 1 Women’s Group A standings . Zahra Muzdalifah and friends have collected 10 points without even losing. Only once was Tira Persikabo Kartini’s 2-2 draw.

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