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Amir Hasan – Few Things You Need To Know About Him



Amir Hasan Profile

Real Name: Amir Hasan
Age: 24 yrs
Birth Place: Malaysia
Profession: Recording Artist

Who Is Amir Hasan

If you remember, the video of abang vape covering the song Akad (Payung Teduh) was popular around the end of last year.

Amir Hasan is a recording artist, A Simple and unpretentious person, the owner of the name Amir Hasan is now increasingly popular and under the auspices of recording company Warner Music Malaysia.

Amir also appeared with the first single titled Bicaramu created by himself with Haikal Azrin and Rudy Nastia.

“I do not know when I started to go viral until my friends told me I was popular on Twitter and my Instagram followers increased

“Alhamdulillah, viral sustenance if I used to work in a vape shop, now I am the owner of a vape shop in Section 9, Shah Alam,” Amir told Astro Gempak.

Amir was found at a breaking of fast ceremony with Warner Music Malaysia at SukaSucre Bistro, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

Amir also listened to the single Bicaramu which is said to revolve around love that does not look at property or appearance.

Bicaramu music video is now on the YouTube platform and has been viewed over 41,000 times since it was uploaded on April 27.

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