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Somizi Mhlongo Comes After Haters Who Want Him To Breakup With His Husband Mohale


South African popular entertainer Somizi Mhlongo writes a closed letter to the so straight guys who are always touched by his relationship

The entertainer dropped this heartfelt post on his officially Twitter handle describing his haters as who want to see an end to his relationship with his husband Mohale.


In his words, Somizi said:  “they know themselves…..this is not to all guys but bayazazi abazifuna next to me secretly but instead of saying it they choose to spew hate…..RIP.”

He went further to say: “Befazi maybe u can balance me quick… what is the obsession with my relationship with Mohale my husband.. from “straight guys” yerrr they’re touched maan… u wud swear theyre waiting for us to break up and fill his place… fuck it’s annoying … i’d be worried if i was a lady dating a guy who is so invested in a homosexual relationship moves”


This came immediatly fans reached out to Somizi on social media to ask for old clothes and shoes, and the star decided to donate clothing items.

Shimane Bethuky took to Twitter, where he said, “Dear Somizi Mohale Mhlongo, you said we should ask the universe and it will respond. I wrote this to ask the universe to ask if I may please have your old clothes and shoes that you don’t wear anymore.”

It wasn’t long before Somizi responded and said he’d start packing the clothing items for Bethuky.

“The universe has responded to timing is perfect. I hope we wear the same sizes. What’s your shoe and suit size?”



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