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Explosion at a warehouse in Mamiao Village, Shandong Kills 2 and injures multiple persons (Video)


There has been an explosion  at a warehouse in Mamiao Village, Shandong,


Acording reports about 2 persons have been killed and  multiple other people have injured, The explosion started a moment when the  villagers  were cutting trees and the wires caught fire.

The injured people have been sent to the hospital without life danger.

A WeChat public account of Rong Media Center of Jinxiang County issued a situation report on August 15. At about 9:50 am on August 15, 2020, an agricultural material storage site in Mamiao Village, Mamiao Town, Jinxiang County, Jining County, Shandong Province burned accident. Preliminary investigation on the spot revealed that the fire was caused by the electric wires caused by the villagers’ cutting trees. Two people died at the scene and many others were injured. The injured have been sent to hospital for treatment, and none of them are in danger of life. Relevant departments and rescue forces are dealing with the situation. The follow-up situation is released in time.

According to @燃新闻 news, on the morning of August 15, an explosion occurred in a warehouse near the Ma Temple Commercial Market in Jining Township, Jining, Shandong. The live video showed that a giant white mushroom cloud rose into the sky, followed by an explosion. Thick smoke billowed, some facade glass was shattered, vehicles were damaged, house walls collapsed, and rescue vehicles had arrived at the scene.
(Originally titled “Information Bulletin” “The giant mushroom cloud at the scene of a sudden explosion in a warehouse in Jining, Shandong Province, the rescue vehicle has arrived”

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