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Shocked! Sonny Septian post about his own wife, Fairuz on Instagram


Indonesian News: Fairuz A Rafiq’s husband , Sonny Septian suddenly uploaded a photo with his wife on Instagram. There was happiness on the look on Sonny’s face with Fairuz. They enjoy the view that afternoon.

In his posts, thousands of netizens like him. Many netizens have praised the photos of the two of them. What do you think?

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Sonny Septian’s post status immediately reaps netizen comments. Already verified. The
sun is embarrassed to see you ??, “wrote Sonny Septian.

Netizens also replied. If I’m not embarrassed to see you,” wrote Akbar. 9 thousand other netizens liked Sonny’s post.

Lately we reported, shocking news came from the households of Fairuz A Rafiq and Sonny Septian. As we know, the two of them often share intimate moments and show loyalty.

Sonny never left Fairuz when his wife was harassed by her ex-husband, Galih Ginanjar. In a video shown on Rey Utami and Pablo Benua’s YouTube channel, Galih mentioned that Fairuz’s intimate organs smelled like salted fish.

Not accepting, Fairuz, accompanied by Sonny and his brother and Hotman Paris as a lawyer, made a report on Galih’s words which were a case of defamation and Rey and Pablo’s reaction, which actually laughed when Fairuz’s name was harassed. For the actions of the three, they are already in prison.

Through this period, now the Fairuz-Sonny household brings shocking news. Not a crack, but rather the glue of their relationship which adds to the harmony.

Both of them often show off romantic photos wherever they are and on vacation. Every now and then they praise each other.



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Matahari nya malu malu ngeliatin kamu 😜😘

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