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Nicaraguan Ricardo Mayorga, He was a world champion with a provocative style, became a millionaire by fighting Oscar de la Hoya, but fell into poverty



The Nicaraguan Ricardo Mayorga went on to earn more than eight million dollars, but hit bottom and ended up in ruin because of drugs. The hopeful gesture of his compatriot Rosendo Álvarez, also a double world champion, and that of boxing legend Julio César Chávez.

Ricardo Mayorga was a successful boxer above the ring, and also below since he himself was in charge of promoting his fights by generating a spectacle when giving statements or with very controversial attitudes about his opponents. Before each duel, he would insult, beat and threaten them, which generated a lot of interest in the United States public. Success through his sharp tongue was assured from before going into the ring and confirmed it once above the ring thanks to his power and force of blows.

In 2003 he gave one of the biggest upsets in boxing when he knocked out in just three rounds the unified world champion of welterweight WBC, The Ring and Lineal, Vernon Forrest , who had an excellent record of 35 fights , all won with 26 wins before the limit. The greatest achievement of the American until then had been to remove the undefeated from Shane Mosley, by unanimous decision, which allowed him to snatch the belts that he would later expose against the Central American.

From that moment on, everything would be different for the nicknamed Matador, who made numerous entries with the theme of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, which made him feel identified by his aggressive fighting style. Cory Spinks would defeat him in the same year that he became world champion by majority decision and the following year the Puerto Rican idol Felix Tito Trinidad gave him a hard knockout and decides to take a short break.

In 2005 he got a great opportunity, which catapulted him back to the great rivals and stages. On August 13 of that same year, he defeated Italian Michael Piccirillo by unanimous decision and was awarded the belt of the World Boxing Council in super welterweight that was without an owner. With a great manager, as Don King was then, he simply had a chance to win a good amount of money and a very important fight.

On May 6, 2006 Ricardo Mayorga would go after his first defense, which would be against nothing more and nothing less than Oscar de la Hoya. True to his style, the man from Managua, Nicaragua, insulted the Californian of Mexican blood from head to toe before the fight. The Golden Boy knocked him out in just 6 rounds and he was crowned super welterweight champion of the World Boxing Council. With just that fight, Ricardo Mayorga would take the most important check of his career: he was left with a huge purse of 2.5 million dollars. It is estimated that throughout his career the Matador earned just over $ 8 million, but in a matter of years it would get out of hand because of drugs.

Today, far from the big stages and pay-per-view fights, Mayorga is living a real nightmare. Recently some images of him were viralized where he is seen physically emaciated, a victim of drugs , specifically due to his addiction to crack. However, through the gesture of his compatriot and friend Rosendo Álvarez , a great figure in Nicaraguan boxing, his life regained meaning. Thus his immediate rehabilitation in a clinic for addicts was managed.

“A week ago the wife of two-time world champion Ricardo Mayorga called me and asked for emergency help. She told me that the situation was quite delicate and that was why she came to me. Ricardo asked me for help, he prepared to undergo a rehabilitation center and fight to overcome this addiction. He wants to be an example for his children and straighten out his life from the hell that is happening with drugs ” , expressed Rosendo Álvarez in dialogue with Nicolás Jaime, for World Boxing .

Automatically Rosendo Álvarez, who currently works as a boxing promoter, communicated with the president of the World Boxing Council (Mauricio Sulaimán) and Julio César Chávez, the top boxing idol in his country and in Latin America. Both were extremely supportive of Ricardo Mayorga and will take care of the hospitalization and expenses that this voluntary act entails by the Nicaraguan.

“I requested help for Ricardo Mayorga from Mauricio Sulaimán, and I also contacted the great Mexican champion Julio César Chávez. Last Sunday the president of the World Boxing Council personally called me and confirmed that the request I had requested was already confirmed. Ricardo Mayorga has the full support of the World Boxing Council and Julio César Chávez. The expenses of stay and rehabilitation will be borne by Julio César Chávez, while air tickets will be borne by Mauricio Sulaimán as soon as the airports open, surely to Culiacán, Sinaloa where he will be treated with much affection and love. We are very happy and grateful, ”said Rosendo, who in a matter of hours managed everything with great concern for his great friend.

Julio César Chávez lived something very similar in the past. After his fight with Edwin Rosario, he began to use cocaine and reached the point where he wanted to kill himself. He reconsidered, he rehabilitated and today he has rehabilitation clinics in various states of Mexico where he gives motivational talks and has a number of professionals at his disposal to treat this great social problem in the community.

Who is Rosendo el Búfalo Álvarez, the Nicaraguan boxing legend and champion of life for his social help

Biography of Rosendo el Búfalo Álvarez

Rosendo Álvarez , better known as Búfalo, was the WBA light and minimum weight world champion. He made his debut in 1992 and in just three years was crowned world champion by defeating Thai Chana Porpain by unanimous decision, who until then had an undefeated record of 35 fights. From that moment on, great things were expected for the Central American who was active in a time when small pesos of very good quality were abundant.

His big night came on March 7, 1998, after four successful defenses, when he faced the successful Ricardo Finito López. In this contest, which took place in the Plaza de Toros in Mexico City, he unified against the local and favorite. At stake were the WBA and WBC minimum weight belts. In the second round of the contest Rosendo landed an impressive right hand to the Mexican’s chin sending him to the canvas, for the first time in his career, and leaving him in very poor condition. The latter rejoined his sense of the powerful blow and was able to survive the remainder of the assault, although all those present, surprised, got up from their seats worried about the localista.In round number six there is an accidental header where the actions were automatically stopped, failing the fight as a technical draw. Rosendo continued to be world champion, like Ricardo López. That same year the rematch would take place , which had an appointment at the Hilton hotel in Las Vegas. Finito was the winner by split decision.

In 2000, Rosendo Álvarez was promoted to the light flyweight division (108 pounds) to contest the vacant WBA world title with Colombian Antonio Bebis Mendoza. The Nicaraguan lost by disqualification in the seventh round. A year later, he exacted revenge for this loss, winning the just-mentioned world weight belt from Mendoza himself, in a close 12-round unanimous decision at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas. After four successful defenses, in 2006 he was defeated by Jorge Travieso Arce by knockout in the sixth round. From that moment he decided to fight one more fight in Nicaragua where he was disqualified and finally made the wise decision to retire.

The viral video of Rosendo Álvarez with Ricardo Mayorga, who announces his hospitalization to rehabilitate from his crack addiction
The relationship between Rosendo Álvarez and Ricardo Mayorga has been going on for a good amount of time. They met in 1987, when they were serving in the Nicaraguan army. They were both amateur boxers from the boxing team of that country. From a very young age Ricardo Mayorga said he was going to be world champion. Many colleagues laughed and made fun of him for these comments and even told him that he was crazy. It is that in those days boxing in Nicaragua was prohibited. In 1993, professional boxing came to life again, the same time that Ricardo Mayorga began his career in the rented field. From that moment, he did not know how far he would go.

Rosendo and Ricardo never stopped being together. They shared many moments below the ring, both family and work. Rosendo Álvarez and his wife were the last managers in the Matador’s career working in good faith with his promoter “Búfalo Promotions” where Ricardo Mayorga was able to make good money in his 40s. Therefore, for some years, the two have been in communication. Well, for Rosendo, bad friendships ended the money and health of the former world champion in welterweight and super welterweight boxing. Rosendo himself has been in charge of keeping an eye on the health of the nicknamed Matador until today, making it more than clear that his intentions are to bring forward the “champion” as the Buffalo calls him.Not only that, but he also fulfills a vital social role in which he gives motivational talks and tells his life experience to the young people of his country, where he is considered a legend not only of boxing, but of life.

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