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Jefan Nathanio Sekarang



Jefan Nathanio Sekarang Profile

Real Name: Jefan Nathanio Sekarang
Age: 14 yrs
Birth Place: Jakarta , Indonesia
Profession: Ad Star and a young model Actor
Agama: ———-

Who Is Jefan Nathanio Sekarang

Jefan Nathanio Pakpahan , known as Jefan Nathanio born in Jakarta , December 25, 2005 , age 14 years is an Indonesian actor .

Jefan Nathanio Pakpahan is an Ad Star and a young model Actor

Meet this young and always thinking of creating Jarkatar born Jefan Nathanio.

As a teenager, Jefan Nathanio continued to spread his wings in the Indonesian music scene.

He released his newest single titled Masa Kecil.

Reporting from Latestnewssouhafric,he siad he introduced the song to his friends who were in Junior High School (SMP).

“At my school there is an event, as well as my first promo song, my title is Masa Kecil,” said Jefan Nathanio in the Kebon Jeruk area a few moments ago.

The Chosen Child Actor Maya Cup award winner said from the beginning he wanted to be a singer. Because he really idolizes Justin Beiber.

However, because the mother has a relationship to take him as an actor. He also started his career as a child actor.

“At first I wanted to be a singer, my inspiration was Justin Bieber,” he explained.

“Finally, because my mother has a path to acting, so I just followed it. Now I want to try new things, namely singing,” he said.

Even though he is now on the path to music as he dreams of. Jefan still won’t leave the world of acting that gave his name.

Jefan Nathanio’s Career Journey

Reporting from various sources, Jefan Nathanio was born in Jakarta, December 25, 2005.

He is an Indonesian actor.

The actor’s name Jefan Nathanio has been popular in the world of acting in recent years as a soap opera and film star.

He has often played characters in soap operas catch-up or strpping and feature films since 2011.

In fact, he had won the Maya Cup award in the ‘Chosen Child Actor’ category through the film Handsome Tailor.

Music Career

Mid-2019, Jefan Nathanio is flapping his career.

He plunged into a singer.

His new career in the world of music is to explore further his artistic talents.

“Now I am busy preparing for a single album. This is the first time I have tried to become a singer after being successful in soap operas and films,” said Jefan Nathanio in Jakarta recently.

He explained that films and soap operas have become evidence of a successful career in acting.

“The reason I got into music was because I was a child who liked singing and had a hobby of singing. So why don’t I make my own single album. The point is I am thirsty for work,” he said.

The nominee for Best Child Actor at the 2017 Indonesian Movie Actors Awards (IMAA) admits that he has trained his vocals well so he can get into music.

“Because I was sure of the sound quality, so I have entered the recording process. The plan is to make children’s and youth songs,” he said.

Jefan Nathanio believes he can compete in the music industry.

The reason is, his ability to process roles and voices, can make him maintain his existence on the entertainment stage.

“I’ve been into acting and got awards. With that experience, I tried to develop it into music. I’m sure I can compete,” said Jefan Nathanio .

Personal data:

Popular Name: Jefan Natanio

Jefan Nathanio’s religion : Christianity

School Jefan Nathanio : SD Tarsisius II

Jefan Nathanio Sekarang Roles Since 2012


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