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Adella Wulandari



Adella Wulandari Profile In English

Real Name: Adella Wulandari
Age: ——–
Birth Place: Indonesia
Profession: Youtuber
Agama: ———

Who is Adella Wulandari

Adella Wulandari appears on Deddy Corbuzier’s YouTube with the title “ What is not a virgin, don’t be angry! – Adella Wulandari – Deddy Corbuzier Podcast“ , The two of them do seem to be talking about many things.

Starting from Adella’s goal of making the video content to other discussions. However, you already know who Adella Wulandari is?

The question of who Adella Wulandari might be when she was seen creating content together with Deddy Corbuzier.

There are several things that you can find on the biodata Adella Wulandari to answer the question who the hell is this woman.

Adella Wulandari is an Indonesian  YouTuber

The most basic answer to the question of who Adella Wulandari is is that she is a YouTuber.

Yes, Adella herself is indeed a YouTuber who is quite famous with millions of viewers.

So famous, Adella has collected tens of millions of views on her YouTube channel

This woman is known to have just joined YouTube on April 18, 2019. However, within a year, Adella has managed to gather 58 million views on her YouTube channel .

This goal he conveyed in his video with Deddy Corbuzier. He also told why he made the content.

” The goal is because I like it, firstly. Actually at first, I didn’t like that there was one YouTuber in Semarang whose content was just pranks. Then I thought, could Semarang or not, the content was not prank , “explained Adella at length.

From there, the woman named Adella Wulandari finally created content on YouTube.

Yes, you can see that Adella now uploads her video content very often on the YouTube channel. In fact, he now has more than 100 video content on his YouTube channel.

In addition to YouTube, Adella also often loh upload a beautiful photo on Instagram

Judging from her Instagram account with the username @ adella_wulandari , this woman often shares her beautiful photos there.

Starting from photographs daily, until the video ticktock he make tablets . Nah wonder deh , if his Instagram account that now has more than 420 thousand followers.

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