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What Happened To Kevin Dowling – Death Row, Dead Or Alive


Meet Kevin Brian Dowling who was sentenced on Dec. 14, 1998, for the Oct. 20, 1997, shooting death of Jennifer Lynn Myers inside her art and frame shop just outside Spring Grove. An execution warrant was
signed in 2007 by Rendell.

A New York County death-row murderer Kevin Brian Dowling’s latest appeal was denied before it even began.

56-years-old Kevin Dowling was formerly of Lancaster County, was convicted in 1998 of killing Spring Grove shop owner Jennifer Lynn Myers to keep her from testifying against him. She was shot in the chest, shoulder and left

Myers, 44, of Paradise Township, was murdered Oct. 20, 1997 — two days before she was to take the stand against Dowling. She had previously identified him as the man who robbed and tried to rape her Aug. 6, 1996, when she worked at Tailfeathers framing gallery in West Manchester Township.

Two convictions: Dowling was later convicted of the robbery and attempted rape and sentenced to nine to 18 years in prison. He was
convicted separately of first-degree murder for executing Myers and was sentenced to death.

On Wednesday, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court refused to hear Dowling’s appeal on his robbery and attempted rape conviction, according to court records.

In September 2005, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court upheld Dowling’s murder conviction, stating there was “clearly sufficient evidence” to convict.

Dowling was scheduled to be executed in February 2007, but a federal judge granted the killer a stay of execution to allow for further

During the murder investigation, Dowling initially gave police an alibi tape he made of himself fishing the day Myers was killed.

Fishing alibi sank: But testimony showed that although Dowling claimed the taping occurred over several hours, the sun never moved in the sky. An expert testified that meant Dowling lied about the “times” documented on the tape.

Later, Dowling said the fishing tape was never meant to be his alibi, that in fact at the time Myers was being executed, he was in a
Harrisburg strip bar.

In April 2003, the television show “Forensic Files” featured Dowling’s case in an episode called “Shadow of a Doubt.”

In the years since his conviction, Dowling has filed appeals claiming he was the victim of a vast conspiracy that included now-retired Common Pleas Judge Sheryl Ann Dorney, police, prosecutors, defense attorneys, the victim’s widower, strippers and even former Pennsylvania Gov. Mark  Schweiker.

His attorneys, both with the Federal Community Defender Office in Philadelphia, did not return a phone message seeking comment.

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