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Indonesian Actress Gritte Agatha Supports Omnibus Law on Work Creation Bill



After the “good palm oil” campaign, now Gritte Agatha supports the Omnibus Law on Work Creation Bill.

If passed, this law could be a threat to farmers and a potential agrarian conflict.

There is article 117 which can also ease penalties for monopolistic business actors.

In Law No.13 / 2003, the provisions for termination compensation are regulated. This severance pay is eliminated in the draft Job Creation Law.

The draft Omnibus Law also allows companies to employ outsourcing and contract workers without limitation on time and type of work.

Gritte Agatha and the influencers who supported the Omnibus Law on Job Creation Bill reading the draft?

The Job Creation Bill will not only affect manufacturing workers but also all types of work, including office work.

In the Job Creation Bill, article 59 in Law Number 13 of 2003 concerning Manpower is REMOVED!


Workers can be contracted for life and because of their status as work contracts, can easily be laid off. There is no more severance pay, because severance pay is only for permanent workers.

The severance pay referred to in the law is specifically for permanent workers, not contracts. If you read the existing draft and if the draft does not change, the young generation who will enter the next workforce can be disadvantaged in many ways & it will be more difficult to become permanent workers.

Rejecting the Omnibus Law on Job Creation was not out of hatred for the government but for the future of workers.

There is still the omnibus Law on taxation etc., fortunately for taxation, the discussion has been postponed by the DPR until next year as far as I know.


Who Is Gritte Agatha

Griselda Agatha, or better known as Gritte Agatha, is an actress from Indonesia, her name has become known since starring in the SCTV soap opera “Get Married The Series” which aired from 2010 to 2011.

Gritte started his career in the entertainment world at a young age. At that time, he often starred in a number of well-known product advertisements on both TV and print media such as So Good, Segar Sari, Kino Bear Fruit, Fitkom, Sustagen, Pepsodent, Khong Guan, and Milo.

Then, continued with acting on the big screen, to be precise in the film “Secret Stars”. Here, he plays the character “Sheila”, the spirit of a girl who has died in an accident. He has also starred in the film “Possessive”, where he played “Ega”, the main character’s best friend.

In his first soap opera (Get Married The Series), he starred in the character “Mae”, one of the four children of this friend who is still in elementary school.

Other soap operas he has starred in are “I wait for you at the Sunday Market”, “Tickangan Si Madun 3”, “Angels Are Afraid to Fall in Love”, and “Father’s Match”.

Even though in the world of acting he often gets a few challenges, he remains confident and continues to struggle. Because of this, he looks very skilled and master every character he plays.

Read Griselda Agatha’s Full Biography Below..

Full Name: Griselda Agatha
Nickname: Gritte
Stage Name: Gritte Agatha
Place, date of birth: Jakarta, March 9, 1996
Indonesian citizenship
Name of Parents: James Shertian (Father), Rowiena Umboh (Mother)
Name of Siblings: Garry Alfonso, Garrant Leonardo (Brother)
Partner Name: Arif Hidayat
Education: SMP ST Cicilia Pademangan, Ghandi School Ancol High School, Multimedia Nusantara University
Profession: Actress
Hobbies: Playing badminton and basketball, photography
Instagram Account: @gritteagathaa
Facebook account: –
Twitter Account: @gritteagathaa
YouTube Account: Gritte Agatha

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