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Elma Agustin Profile In English

Real Name: Elma Agustin
Age: 28 yrs
Birthplace: Jakarta, Indonesia
Birth Day:  August 29, 1991
Profession: Actress & Singer


Who Is Elma Agustin

Meet Elma Agustin, she an Indonesian artist and singer. She started her career as one of the girl group personnel from a musician named Kevin Aprilio.

Elma’s name became known to the public when she joined the girl band called Princess. Her name became more popular when she was known to have an affair with Kevin.

She was once known as Elma Princess because her career at that time was on the rise. But after deciding to disband, he changed her image to a more mature figure so she changed his stage name as Elma Agustin.

After taking a leave of absence from the entertainment world, the girl who is now 28 started to pursue acting and is also a presenter. She is interested in trying new things besides singing. Shortly thereafter she succeeded in starring in several FTV titles and soap operas.

Elma had a cameo in a film entitled When Mas Gagah Goes The Movie in 2016.

She is the former producer of Kevin Aprilio who formed the girl band Princess.

When watching Justin Bieber’s concert, Elma cried and screamed for 2 hours of the concert until his voice ran out.

Apart from traveling and watching concerts, Elma loves going to Theme Park.

After girl group Princess disbanded, Elma decided to leave for 1 year from the entertainment world with a focus on studying presenting and acting.

One of the FTV titles that the beautiful woman managed to star in was Secret of God in 2016 and is still active in starring in several other FTV titles to this day.

He is also known to have starred in several soap operas, one of which is Cinta Anak Muda, which airs on SCTV. in the soap opera, she plays Mrs. Dian.

Elma’ Career & Future 

Elma’s career in the entertainment world has its ups and downs. But behind all that, he doesn’t give up easily and still wants to learn to perfect his talents. Not in vain, my name has now appeared again through the latest soap operas he has starred in.

Elma’s Love Life & Relationship

For those of you who don’t know, get to know Ihsan Fadhlur Rahman, Elma Agustin’s lover.

Kevin Aprillio’s ex-lover, Elma Agustin, often shares her sweet portraits with her lover. So far, Elma is known to be secretive about his love affair on social media. Receiving a lot of support from netizens, this couple managed to steal the show.

Intimate to sports together, here are ten portraits of Elma and Ihsan Fadhlur Rahman’s dating style that stole the show. Very sweet!

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